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Queens Park Rangers 2 Charlton Athletic 1

A last minute winner for QPR is almost the final nail in the coffin as we face the distress of relegation in mid-April as soon as next Saturday. We have been relying on other teams slipping up for a long while now but it is simply not happening and the odd win was never going to cut it. We needed 7 points from the last week, but instead got 4 and the gap is now 11 points with our awful goal difference. The Championship relegation places will embarrassingly be resolved quickly without any fuss or contention.

The emptiness of relegation has been felt for a long, long while. The bitterness, the ugliness, the anger of how completely unnecessary it all was. Meire told us in the summer that we are to accept how her and Duchatelet run the club and to judge them over this season. Well, thanks for nothing.

Yesterday I was at Augusta in Georgia watching The Masters. One of the most feted and meticulously organized sporting events in the world. Charlton Athletic could do with taking notice.

Whilst in the grounds of Augusta National no phones are allowed and after leaving our car just after the game at Loftus Road had started, I didn’t get to switch my phone back on to see the score until 8.30pm, the early hours of Sunday morning in the UK.

Brimming with sun, beer and glorious memories I stared at the league table and it slapped me in the face so hard. That league table is the result of utter incompetence from the top down. Those in charge, including Richard Murray, with their empty promises, arrogance and utter contempt for the club’s history and supporters should hang their heads in shame.

There was another person a long way from Loftus Road yesterday. Katrien Meire thought she deserved a holiday and has been relaxing in Dubai since last week and doesn’t return to just before Saturday. How odd. The most influential and highest ranking official at the club, staring down the barrel of relegation, on holiday. Truly remarkable. I hope she gets run over by a camel.

Addick Bloggers at Loftus Road: Doctor Kish; Chris Powell’s Flat Cap.

Relegation watch almost complete: Bolton were relegated after losing to Derby. The Rams could do the same to use next week. MK Dons wrote their obituary by caving to a resurgent Rotherham, who under Neil Warnock, are showing us all up. Fulham are all but save after beating Cardiff.

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  1. Well my hunch is that Katrien Meire has been sacked and that’s why she’s on holiday. The club know we are down but won’t make the announcement until after it’s a mathematical certainty. Roland will think without her he can win the fans back – dream on.

    April 11, 2016
  2. Hope the Addicks gets some positive news on the club’s ownership soon. Best wishes for next season, I wish Fulham were in your place!

    April 11, 2016

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