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Charlton Athletic 0 Milton Keynes 0

A pathetic and pitiful performance lacking in anything that we have held dear from Charlton sides over the years. There was no passion, desire, urgency or organisation in what was a must win game. We had one shot on goal whilst around us clubs and their British managers show fight and determination, we occupy a world of apathy after having any hope and emotion sucked out of us by an owner and his puppets. 

Jose Riga’s team selection and substitutions were baffling edging on the bazaar. I have come to the conclusion that he is just another Roland Duchatelet fraud. Apparently he said that Yaya Sanogo cannot play two games a week. Does our wonderful scouting network have a database of footballers that are only half fit? Anyway problem solved as Sanoga can now put his feet up for 3 games after his idiotic attack on Kay.

I’m not condoning it but if Simon Makienok showed an ounce of Sanogo’s fight then our judgment of him wouldn’t be anywhere near as harsh. The tallest footballer ever to wear the club’s shirt, who cannot win a header. Someone, somewhere in Belgium is laughing at us. 

It was my first re-look at Diego Poyet. What has happened to him? He should have been bossing this game but he was totally irrelevant. I did like the look of the triumvirate of Motta, Suk-Yun and Fanni. A law firm to the porn industry. In all seriousness they were our best players but none of them will be with us beyond June. 

I sat with Dave and my mate and up until the substitution of Callum Harriott I think the sparse crowd had stayed with it despite little to cheer as Riga set us up to play deep and let MK have all of the space. Our opponents were quicker to get bodies forward and back to surround our powder puff attacks. Motta and Suk-Yun were our best attacking options in that first half.

The second started better with Gudmundsson seeing a lot of the ball in his central position and Harriott becoming more of a threat. These two the only advanced players prepared to run with the ball and get into dangerous areas. But then cue the latest puppet on the touchline who removed Harriott to total Valley bewilderment. Sanogo was introduced which meant Gudmundsson was shoved wide. 

Bergdich became the third left back on the pitch when he replaced Poyet and whatever system Riga was looking to employ became even more confusing, although to be fair to Bergdich he did put in a couple of good crosses that Sanogo attempted to get to (photo) whilst Makienok flapped around whilst he hung on to MK defenders.

It wasn’t until Ademola Lookman came on with 7 minutes remaining when the urgency was suddenly notched up. The 18-year old was taking players on, getting into the box, taking corners and free kicks. Why isn’t he starting? I think the same reason why Tony Watt is not at the club. Both will be sold in the summer. Lookman’s deal according to some already done.

It was a depressing night. It won’t be the last. Sunday’s protests need to be long and loud, like our life’s depended on it. The life of the club does.

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Relegation watch: A third win on the trot for Neil Warnock’s Rotherham at home to our next opponents Middlesbrough. Will Duchatelet have noticed? Even Bolton fought back for a point at home to Ipswich. Bristol City lost to a late Wolves goal and Fulham after being ahead lost at home to table toppers Burnley.

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  1. Chris #

    Will the last supporter please turn off the floodlights, cancel the milk and put out the cat out, as we head to League 1……Interesting to see how the rats are deserting the ship, who can blame them.

    March 9, 2016
  2. They are all laughing at us and I do not find it at all fummy. 55 years of support!!!! Angry

    March 9, 2016
  3. LP #

    Sunday is so, so important. Anyone who had any doubts surely cannot any more. Anyone renewing their season ticket is also killing the club. I know how hard it is – 47 years for me. We witnessed two very poor teams tonight – and that is what we are going to have to watch all next season, and probably a lot more besides.
    Found it CA – dug out my ‘Dreams sometimes do come true’ t-shirt from the return to the valley. I wanted to weep. The only thing good in all this is CARD and the fans pulling together. Thank you.

    March 10, 2016
  4. Tex77 #

    Without risk of sounding like a2c, I would pull you up on the last sentence in paragraph 1 CA. I would be more than happy with a manager like Karanka or Carvalhal at the club. It is experience of English football, specifically The Champtionship that is required. I couldn’t care less what their passport says.

    March 10, 2016
    • Oh, I agree Tex. Likewise Jimmy Floyd would have been a far better choice. I was just stating a fact that our fellow relegation rivals (bottom 5) had already or have recently appointed British managers.

      March 10, 2016

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