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Charlton Athletic 3 Reading 4

Another dagger in the heart yesterday. To battle back from 1-3 to 3-3 and then concede in injury time would sum up our season despite the fact we have rarely been on equal, let along better terms in injury time.

Jose Riga rued injuries for our frailties, yet our defence resembles a teabag and you can’t concede 3 goals in the 1st half and have any hope of winning matches. Riga was still able to put out a first team without relying on an academy graduate and Cristian Ceballos and Naby Sarr were nowhere near the bench.

It’s funny how Chris Solly’s absence is now lamented when not long ago the owner said he wasn’t good enough. A bit like Yann Kermorgant, also not worthy of a new contract, yet Roger Johnson was lauded on his return as some sort of savour and given an 18 month deal. Yes, funny like a hole in the head.

As for Yann, who cemented his place in Addicks’ hearts last week with his damning denouncement of the club’s owners. He dominated proceedings in the 1st half, scoring twice, almost grabbing a hat-trick and assisting Reading’s other goal. I’d rather Piotr Parzyszek any day….

Roger Johnson has started 5 games since his return and in those game we have let in 19 goals. Incredibly we have now conceded 73 in all competitions! There are enough decent, if raw defensive players in the squad and yesterday both Marco Motta and Yun Suk-Young came out of the game with credibility, but this squad’s abilities run deeper than not being good enough. They are spineless, rudderless and organizationally a shambles.

That is generally what happens when you have three managers in a year and countless coaching staff with differing ideas and opinions. Young players, and confidence players crave continuity and balance.

A bright light yesterday was Yaya Sanogo who hit a hat trick which so nearly rescued us a point. If we have any chance whatsoever of staying up we need Sanogo to have the same impact as Alex Song and Francis Coquelin. Let’s hope Arsene doesn’t recall him.

Whilst intrepid Addicks made their way out to Belgium, there was good numbers of Addicks outside the west stand post match and plenty of anti Meire and Duchatelet banners on show in the ground.

If there is to be any rescue operation under Riga it needs to start soon. Like next week.

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Relegation watch: Rotherham won for the first time under Neil Warnock beating Brentford 2-1, Bolton lost at home to local rivals Burnley, who went top and MK Dons. Bristol City won on the road again beating Nottingham Forest and moved above Fulham, who lost at home to Middlesbrough.

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  1. Chris Carpenter #

    I agree with everything that the Charlton fans are doing to get RD to sell and get out of English football. It is obvious he and his CEO have no comprehension of the history of this club and both seem to take great pleasure dismantling it bit by bit.
    The other director who needs to stand up and be accountable is Richard Murray. He knows all about the history of the club and the passion of the supporters, however he seems happy to fall in line with RD and say nothing.
    I will say that it seems to me that if RD is forced to sell its an easy way out for him. Having ruined a great club managed to get the team relegated he will go back to Belgium financially better off not giving Charlton and its loyal supporters a second thought.
    Having said that I hope he does piss off and take the lady CEO with him. Ruchard Murray should retire ungracefully. Hopefully someone will take over the club who is passionate about Charlton, it is clear none of the terrible trio in charge now have any passion whatsoever.

    February 29, 2016
  2. Stuart McRae #

    I’ve tried to be positive and optimistic but I feel the owners have to sell now. I believe there is no way forward for the Belgium’s and the injury time goal on Saturday also showed that even a little bit of luck is not on our side either. We have all had enough and surely the owners must feel the same unless they are Sadists. There is nothing more for anyone to achieve except compounding the pain. Better off letting someone take over now who has a true passion for Charlton Athletic FC. I think despite how enthusiastic you can be there is a point when we are bored of being bored every game. Its desperately sad when you think of the great fun we had getting back into the Championship only to go back down a couple of seasons later. I’ll be at Brentford on Saturday as I was at Fulham and Preston and wont expect much. I’ll try not to get too upset when I see Simon M’s name on the team sheet. I’ll enjoy meeting up with mates and having a beer or two before the game, loosing my voice during it and the usual miserable journey home. Sadly the optimism tank is almost empty

    February 29, 2016
  3. Martin Cowan #

    I don’t think it’s anything as complex as failure to understand Charlton’s history. They just don’t know how to run a football club – and given that our CEO has no previous experience, it can’t be any surprise. The method by which football clubs measure their success is known as the league table. We are bottom. The Belgian experiment has failed. Roland has shown himself to be totally deluded with his bizarre football experiment, and his continued support of the hapless Katrien demonstrates his inability to make sound judgements. She might be “nice” – just as he wishes for Charlton to be “nice – but she does not know how to run a football club. They need to leave now.

    March 1, 2016

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