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Charlton Athletic 0 Cardiff City 0

1 point from 2 home games is not good enough. The 4 goals at Rotherham seems like a long, long time ago and Jose Riga has been unable to galvanize the side since then, even with the addition of three new players. 

The first half sounded miserable and the crowd only being able to cheer anything late in the game as the Addicks finally threw themselves at the Welshmen following the introduction of Poyet and Sanogo. Before then Cardiff should have pocketed the 3 points, but the point takes us off the bottom, although with our dreadful goal difference we are now 7 points from safety. One plus was that it was our first clean sheet in over 2 months.

Despite an official crowd of 16,755, the atmosphere sounded funereal, as the direction in which this club is headed becomes more and more obvious, not helped in any way by the visit of the obdurate Roland Duchatelet. It is all very well getting behind the team, but we are starting home games so passively. Newcastle have some of the most loyal and vocal fans in the country, but look at their position. The players have to give more, but I wonder if the desire is there. The quality is mostly not.

Even the 5 o’clock protest sounded a little less punchy although I loved the idea of the Pinocchio masks and stickers. Meire was even given a mask, and a sticker thrust on her coat. Buoyed by her vote of confidence she appears to continue to be ignorant of her role in the systematic destruction of our football club. 

Meire would like us to abandon our history and any fan old enough to remember Graham Moore for example, so I am sure she smirked at the most recent PR gaff in a catalogue of gaffs of putting up a picture of Alan Campbell on the scoreboard during the one minute tribute to Graham Moore, who died this week. A total embarrassment and totally sums up the club under this leadership. Disgraceful.

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Relegation watch: Bolton showed us up again today by giving it a real go at promotion chasing Brighton but did go down 3-2. Bristol City under new management beat Ipswich 2-1 and Rotherham, under new management, drew at home to Birmingham with 9 men. MK Dons won at Derby. Fulham won at QPR. It was not good day for the Addicks.  

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  1. a2c #

    Exenophobe alert on ere.

    February 14, 2016
    • Possibly. But I have no idea what an Exenophobe is.

      February 14, 2016
      • let me try to help here CA, An exenephobe really should be something/somebody that was an ‘enephobe’ but is no longer one, as we would refer to let’s say an ex-convict or ex-girlfriend or boyfriend and so on. The problem is that not even the scrabble dictionary reveals a meaning for ‘enephobe’. Over to a2c perhaps for some ideas? Ok, maybe not.

        February 14, 2016
        • Thank you Terry. I even checked the Urban Dictionary and it revealed nothing.

          February 14, 2016
  2. ConfidentialRick #

    I think it needs to be pronounced phonetically i.e ene-phobe or ANYphobe …Meaning embracing a phobia of all things.
    So therefore exenephobe is someone who is phobic free. Result !

    February 15, 2016
    • Yes, agreed, excellent logic CF. A new word enters the English language. Some credit must be given here to a2c so let’s hear it for all those exenephobes out there, good on ya.

      February 15, 2016

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