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Rotherham United 1 Charlton Athletic 4

I need to read that again. Rotherham United 1 Charlton Athletic 4. How about that?

I took a self-imposed break from all things Charlton this week, but what a nice feeling it is tonight to wallow in a win, not just any win but a very good one.

Three strikers got the goals and JBG, playing today like like he did last season, made three of them. Maybe there is a striker in Simon Makienok. Maybe a fit again Igor can return to how we like to remember him. Maybe Ademola Lookman will play 100 games for Charlton and score 40 goals. Maybe this team can drag themselves out of a certain relegation by the scruff of their neck. Maybe Jose Riga is the magic man.

I listened in on the radio, and although we once again conceded poorly, the side did not buckle and that Igor goal before half-time was a welcome break from normally conceding one. At 3-1 Teixeira gave away a soft penalty, but even luck was on our side as the Rotherham player blasted over from the spot. That was a kick in the gut to the Millers and Lookman adding a 4th with a very nice finish was the icing on the cake.

No answers after today, but plenty of maybe’s and a long overdue reminder that there is still some life in this team. A team resuscitated by Riga, who looks to be willing to take on Duchatelet and Meire head on. A couple of players, especially a midfielder and another striker if Vaz Te leaves as is expected, have to be added before the deadline.

A collective smile on Addicks faces then especially the 750 who made it to Rotherham and got for once what their loyalty deserved. But remember as the huge flags draped over the away seats told us: ‘Support the team, not the regime.’

Let us never lose sight of our aim. The protests continue next week at 5pm.

Addick Bloggers at the New York Stadium: Chris Powell’s Flat Cap.

Relegation watch: Just three games due to the FA Cup. Bristol City drew 0-0 at home to Birmingham as Huddersfield lost at home to Cardiff.

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