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Time to show some pride

Who knows who will be taking the team tomorrow. The club aren’t likely to tell us, but it does look as is Wim de Corte and Jason Euell will prepare and select the team whilst Jose Riga will either sit in the stands or be back in Belgium again packing his toothbrush.

Riga’s appointment, much I suspect to Roland Duchatelet’s surprise, hasn’t had Charlton fans doing back flips, but equally, and I include myself in this, Addicks’ fans are almost entirely wanting Riga to succeed, whereas the baying masses just wanted Fraeye to fall over and clear off, such was his ineffectualness.

The most vital thing tomorrow is the attitude of the players following a performance of such ineptitude at Huddersfield on Tuesday. I can still hear Stephen Henderson’s voice in my head and if they have any pride they will attempt to right so many wrongs that we have witnessed recently.

I have always promoted ‘support the team and not the regime’ but the last two performances have worn that very, very thin.

Let us hope tomorrow, whoever picks the team, the players themselves do everything to get us back onside.

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  1. DarrzzettBum #

    Here, here in Riga we (fingers crossed) trust and the players shall some balls.

    January 15, 2016
  2. Oops.

    January 16, 2016

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