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Huddersfield Town 5 Charlton Athletic 0

This is not like watching a slow death, it is like witnessing a murder. 

This madness has to stop. Now. 

And as for the gutless coward Fraeye, who refused to speak to press and ran onto the team bus leaving Stephen Henderson to apologise to fans. What sort of person does that? Fraeye, Meire, Duchatelet all refusing to talk to us. It is some kind of sick joke.

Fraeye has to go. His laughing stock of Interimship is untenable. Over. But Meire needs to fall on her sword as well. She is poison and we need to take every action to make her life miserable until she clears her desk. Then the mad professor himself needs to engage with a consultant to find a buyer for the club. Every week brings a new low, but there is lower to go and Duchatelet is going to take us there if we allow him.

Johnnie Jackson issued an apology on Twitter. How can this consummate professional work for such a fraud as Fraeye anymore? And while the multi-millionaire owner continues to ignore a third of his revenue stream it is a joke that players on first-year pro deals have offered to pay to refund those incredible fans who were at Huddersfield. 

Again, no self-respect, no humility, no leadership. 

5-0 away at Huddersfield, a hapless defensive display, pitiful going forward, a tactical mess, a first shot on goal in the 92nd minute, a player sent off, players fighting in the dressing room, every decision better than the last. 

Let’s get these murderers out of OUR club.

Addick Bloggers at the John Smiths Stadium who have my total admiration:

Relegation watch: At least Bolton are giving it a go. They narrowly went down to Sheffield Wednesday 3-2, Preston won late at Bristol City and Rotherham beat stuttering Brighton 2-0. Fulham are not getting any new manager bounce and lost at Wolves whilst MK Dons were as humiliated a us losing 5-0 at home to Burnley. We are still incredibly 3 points from safety!

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  1. steve1957 #

    Your last sentence is the only reassurance but only without change within. If there aren’t real changes, in the words of Private Fraser “We’re doomed!”

    January 12, 2016
  2. CA Addick (California Addick) #

    Maybe sadly it is time to stop going to matches in mass. I would feel bad for the team but while they see people paying money they think they are winning. In the end hopefully it will be to the advantage of ten players. It cannot be fun for them either.

    Thy have not.only thumbed their noses at Charlton supporters, they are thumbing their nose and arse at English football as a whole by refusing to appoint an English manager of any quality.. a complete insult.

    January 12, 2016
  3. Geoff Senior #

    From a Huddersfield fan. You are so right. Some, not all, your players looked in serious need of direction and relegation for Charlton is inevitable if big changes are not made. Chris Powell is the obvious choice as manager. He is a thoroughly decent man and an excellent manager. He did not quite fit at our club but he remains very well respected here. The problem for Charlton is the ownership and direction of the administration. Good luck!

    January 13, 2016
    • Thanks Geoff. Powell would be welcomed back with open arms but he won’t work for this lot again.

      January 13, 2016

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