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On with the protests

The 2% will gather again behind the West Stand tomorrow at 2.30 to continue to show their displeasure at how the club is being run by Roland Duchatelet and effectively led by Katrien Meire. My opinion is that fans should continue to express their unhappiness until a more formalized strategy evolves. Nothing obnoxious that Meire can pick holes in but plenty of “We want our Charlton back.” Then onto the game to back the team 100%.

Duchatelet was in SE7 this week, but won’t be staying for tomorrow’s game, either because he is scared, has his socks to put into pairs or maybe he too is boycotting matches like many thousands of others, which is their prerogative but to me says more about our current plight than anything else. Leeds, who are the poster child for football ownership mismanagement will undoubtedly have 3,000 noisy supporters backing them. It could be a tough afternoon.

Nonetheless the next two games are huge and six points should be the minimum target. The team has managed to remember how to score goals under Fraeye, but are still a sieve defensively and tomorrow we will be without our most consistent defensive performer, the suspended Patrick Bauer. Lennon should be fit but I would prefer Diarra over Sarr to play alongside the youngster. Jackson and JBG should also be fit to start.

I’m watching Bolton’s ongoing troubles with interest and I saw today that Andy Hughes has left them to join Rotherham as their first-team/development coach. Manager material for sure is the Yorkshireman.

Finally congratulations to AFC Wimbledon on having their plans approved to build a new stadium on the site of Wimbledon greyhound stadium (photo). Great news.

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  1. Bob Knight #

    I cannot agree with you about AFC Wimbledon. If Wimbledon were returning to their original site I would say good luck. They are not.My Charlton fought to return to the Valley. They are usurping another sport’s arena and all greyhound racing owners, like myself and followers of the sport are likely to lose another track to the property developers.The hope (no hope) is that Boris Johnson overturns the application as the site is clearly not suitable for the development that AFC Wimbledon propose.
    Unfortunately most football people are not aware of both sides of the arguement.

    December 11, 2015
    • Thanks for bringing this to my attention Bob. This article explains more:

      A sad day indeed and shocking to think there used to be 33 greyhound tracks in London and this is the last one. If the GRA are joint owners why haven’t they done more to preserve the sport in London?

      December 12, 2015
      • Bob Knight #

        The GRA have been cashing on the site values of their tracks for years by running them into the ground with no investment and then selling them for housing development. Unfortunately the GRA and the GBGB are more corrupt than FIFA. The GBGB this week turned down an offer of financial support from the Government because it was tied to more accountability. The sport is run to support the big bookmakers profits who also now own some of the tracks. For all this the feeling you get when your own dog wins is akin to Charlton scoring a last minute winner.

        December 12, 2015

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