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Tony Watt to leave

Half of the Covered End and probably every kid under 16’s favourite player, my son included, is being sent out on loan. Tony Watt, one of the club’s best players is set to leave for rival Championship club Cardiff City. 

Dave hinted at this yesterday and his fears have been confirmed by the SLP tonight. The ludicrous decisions continue apace down at The Valley.

Watt is naturally very talented but obviously has to be managed very carefully seemingly something that Karel Fraeye does not want to do. Watt had a good relationship with Luzon and the “still not fit” story was obviously misleading to fans as Duchatelet and Meire seeked to offload the Scotsman.

Watt can be difficult, his career resume tells you that, at just the tender age of 21, but good coaches should be able to get the best out of good players. Clearly Watt was not impressed with Fraeye’s appointment remembering he has long been a pawn in the Duchatelet’s network. 

And now we are left with the club getting rid of a player that has scored 8 goals in 27 starts and replacing him with a player that has not scored in England for more than 2 years, Vaz Te. 

Maybe the budget didn’t allow for both players and I am sure Duchatelet has been sat in his dark chamber with his cat on his lap licking his lips at the potential transfer fee for Ademola Lookman! 

Earlier in the season the club were offering around Igor Vetokele like a cheap handbag. Remind me about this successful recruitment policy again? 

Ah, but hang on the network is a good thing, right? Signing Watt from Celtic for Standard Liege for a large fee was the right decision at the time. Shifting him onto Charlton for nothing was also the right decision, but with each decision being an improvement on the last one, sending him on loan to a rival club just 10 months after he joined has to be the best decision of all! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

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  1. Bob Miller #

    CA. it would be interesting to pose the question of Tony Watt to Neil Lennon. Lennon couldn’t get him off the Celtic squad fast enough and the young man has had issues everywhere he has played since that time. It would seem it’s just a bit more than him “having to be managed carefully,” but more like he is a negative influence on the rest of the squad. We’ve just had two back to back wins without him, so despite his obvious talents and skills on the pitch, perhaps the team is better off shipping him out.

    November 22, 2015
  2. Pedro45 #

    SL shipped him out on loan too, so it’s nothing new for him. Real shame though, as he was a very good player when on song…

    November 23, 2015
  3. Roy Heathfield #

    He n(Tony Watt) was an exciting player to watch, but I have no doubt he had a disruptive influence on the team. If I am reading it right it seems Karel Fraele is endeavouring to put together a team rather than a group of prima donnas, hence the departure of the Everton guy.
    I noticed in one home match that Watt was clearly not prepared to take instruction from JJ. Enough said!

    November 23, 2015

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