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Good Evans

In a week when Jurgen Klopp joined the Premier League circus, a better act than Brendan Rodgers I agree, slightly less column inches were given to Rotherham, who appointed ex-Addick Neil Redfearn as the Millers replacement for Steve Evans.

As a player Redfearn specialized in relegation, but did pretty well in routine trying circumstances at Elland Road. He had already proved himself at academy level and as first team coach before being handed the first team chalice under Massimo Cellino. It went sour for the lifelong Leeds fan and he now finds himself up the road at Rotherham.

Lee Carsley also suffered a couple of player relegations before he found stability in Everton’s Premier League team spending 6 years at Goodison Park. Carsley is the new Brentford manager moneyballing head statistician. After his first game, a defeat to Birmingham, Carsley told the media that he didn’t even want to be a manager. Another strong actuarial appointment from the Griffin Park hierarchy.

Are there two more stranger clubs in The Championship than Leeds and Brentford? Ok, yeh we can think of one.

Charlton target Elliot Bennett has signed on loan for Bristol City. Bennett is an accomplished and experienced full back and wide midfielder and in my opinion would have a good addition to Guy Luzon’s squad. Bennett may well have been on Katrien Meire’s January shopping list disclosed this week.

In fact in another bout of naivety Meire has told us not to expect an awful lot from this season. What the?

Thanks for that Mrs CEO. No reasoning, no vision, no plan, no leadership. And what timing? 10 games gone. And the sell sheet says ‘Don’t get too excited but don’t worry if by some incredible unplanned injustice we are doing ok in January, we might have a re-think.’

And this is my favourite line: When questioned whether the club are putting a timeline on their battle to regain top flight football, Meire said: “No, we can’t set a specific time frame on it because by then our best players could have left.” No shit Sherlock.

What goes on in that wacky politician’s mind in Liege? Really.

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  1. richard #

    Never has the chant “You don’t know what you’re doing” seemed more apt.

    October 12, 2015
  2. Martin Cowan #

    Just read the interview. Seems reasonable to have a long term plan. There’s too much short-termism in football, which eventually just costs clubs a shed load of money and, as she says, there’s no guarantee of promotion at the end of it. Look at all the money Liverpool have spent in the last three years to try to get a trophy – and still no trophy!

    October 12, 2015

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