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West Coast

Tomorrow a group of us fly out to Los Angeles mirroring a work trip we did last year. The group is slightly different, as is the schedule but the purpose is the same.

We get to LA on Sunday night, hopefully with my luggage unlike last year, then Monday is busy running around downtown, then out to Santa Monica for meetings before driving down to Newport Beach, about 45 miles down the coast from LA. There we’ll have dinner, and will crash before flying early Tuesday to San Francisco.

Some of the group go to Sacramento, but myself and others will go to San Fran for a day of meetings, followed by the same on Wednesday. Thursday we treat ourselves to a ‘networking’ trip to Napa Valley, one of my favourite U.S. destinations. Friday back in San Francisco and later the red-eye home via an early blearily-eyed breakfast stop at Philadelphia airport.

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  1. Bet you can’t wait for ‘Teleporting’ to become a viable traveling option, CA.

    October 11, 2015

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