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Travelogue – Punta Mita, Mexico

Last summer after our couple of days in Mexico City, we travelled right across the country to visit Punta Mita on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, a quaint fisherman’s town located 40 minutes north of much more developed Puerto Vallarta.

Once an important and sacred Indian meeting site, Punta Mita is a jagged finger of land that juts out into the open ocean straddling the Pacific and Banderas Bay. The beaches are magnificent, although Bermuda’s are better, with rocky coves and plenty of water sport activities. Our daughter had a wind surfing lesson whilst we were there. I have no idea where she gets her sense of adventure from!

Punta Mita is dominated by two large upscale hotels, the St Regis and the Four Seasons, and I imagine a decade or so ago developers offered the village fishermen money they could only dream off to move them a bit further away up the coast.

The relationship between the Punta de Mita village and the imposing and gated five star hotels seems to work although the hotels are removed from the local culture, but visitors would be amiss to ignore it and stay within the walled confines.

imagePunta de Mita had some excellent eateries and one in particular, Tuna Bianca was fabulous and would not have looked out of place the other side of the wall, in fact I thought Sufi and Serendipity were better than what the St Regis had to offer.

We chose the St Regis (top left) over the Four Seasons. 22 acres of manicured gardens with 120 rooms, spa, two golf courses, three pools, tennis centre and a kid’s club.

It was a beautiful property, but I thought the service was a little sloppy, particularly their famed butler arrangement. We also didn’t care much for their much heralded fine dining restaurant Carolina and I would recommend eating in the cheaper and more relaxing surrounds of Punta de Mita.

We did love the Mary Mita bistro boat though that was ‘shipwrecked’ up on the beach which cooked up some brilliant seafood and served some very cold beer.

imageWe did have a wander around the Four Seasons, as both hotels are opened to non-guests despite the walled colonies. I would say that the Four Seasons has a better location, but is an older property. The Bahia restaurant in the Four Seasons was probably the best dinner experience we had the whole week we were there.

Punta Mita is a ready-made resort, but the local fishing community at Punta de Mita deserves to be explored, particularly with its restaurants.

Nearby activities include whale watching, horse riding, hiking, canopy rides and the Marietas Islands, which are a haven for marine and bird life.

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