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Tony Watt #MadeForCharlton

I have Tweeted this hash tag a few times, and it’s a meme based on the club’s ‘Made in Charlton’ slogan. Watt arrived at The Valley with more baggage than a Bermudian after a trip to a Florida mall and a lot of us at the time, including Bob Peeters were underwhelmed.

I saw him on his debut at home to Brighton, a wholly depressing day, which was Bob Peeters last as Charlton manager. The one and only positive afterwards was Tony Watt. I liked that in a totally dispiriting 2nd half, he was trying to gee the team on and also I remember his first touch which took him away from two defenders in the box and created a half chance. It was something to cling onto.

Watt then played the 2nd half in the diabolical performance at Watford, although he escaped most fan’s ire. He was sub again at Wolves and replaced Vetokele in the draw at home to Rotherham. Then Luzon appeared to crack it when in the 2nd half at home to Norwich he had both Watt and Vetokele playing together. They both scored and both started at home to Brentford.

Fast forward to Saturday’s game at home to Huddersfield and every time the Scot got on the ball, the crowd noise would ratchet up a notch. Great to hear, and even better to witness.

In interviews the 21-year old has come across humble, polite and articulate dispelling the undertones that came with his signing. Watt is just 21-years old, younger than Morgan Fox, but has witnessed a lot in his short time as a professional footballer and if this is the last chance saloon, he is sipping water at the bar but having the time of his life.

His attitude seems spot on too and both he and Guy Luzon have stressed publicly their good relationship and his team mates have also spoken highly of him.

What is also obvious is that he has responded well to the fans. The Covered End were singing his name when he first ran out to warm up on the touchline at home to Brighton. The songs have got louder, and any player reacts well to that kind of love and appreciation, but Watt is clearly enjoying it and has already formed a bond with the fans.

He can’t be compared to Yann, for me he plays more like David Whyte, but Addicks’ have been stripped of heroes in this past year but Tony Watt is looking like he fits the bill. Made for Charlton, and a tunnel jumper too!

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  1. Martin Cowan #

    Looks like a good player, a couple of really nice goals on Saturday. I know a lot was made of the second one, but watch the first one again – he really had a lot to do, and it was great how he just snuck it into the corner, with the keeper not even moving. Just hoping the core team members can stay fit now to get more points on the board and make us safe for another year. Also, would be nice to get something from our visit to the Den for once! COYA!

    March 2, 2015
  2. #

    Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

    March 2, 2015
  3. iantm #

    A Celtic Fan, in peace, with a comment on Tony Watt.

    I was sorry to see him go from Celtic Park, saw his highs, like the Barcelona goal and his lows, being shipped out on loan..

    The potential is there for a great player if his attitude stays good. Best of luck to him and hope he helps bring you success.

    March 2, 2015
  4. Jon Akers #

    Hopefully he can handle the presure better now than when he was at Celtic. Obviously its a little different (at least until we get promoted..)

    March 3, 2015

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