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Katrien’s summer hol’s

“I’m just going to check my work emails luv.”

“Oh, do you have too?”

“I just need to check if anything’s going on at the office, maybe Roly has bought that club in Azerbaijan that he’s been banging on about.”

“Oh, okay then, but can you get me a Stella and a waffle on your way back to the pool, I’m going back in for a swim.”

Mr & Mrs Meire are on their holidays and her communiqué today reminded me of the sort of email I send when I’m on my hols. Tapping away at the Blackberry in bright sunlight, a 4-year old tugging at my ankles and a cold beverage in hand.

It was a little late, and hurried but I have to say Katrien just about got it right. Respectful, genuine and duteous. It was a little more personal than a press release, which is why Ms Meire has had a positive impact around the club, and draws a line under the reign of Jose Riga.

Addicks generally have responded pretty negatively to today’s official statement, and as I have already written Jose deserved better, as did Chris Powell, and in all honesty the lack of anything from Big Bob is not doing him any favours. Meanwhile, someone has blabbed that Peeters doesn’t expect to be in SE7 until the end of June. Worrying if true.

I’m trying to keep an open mind but the “rebuilding phase over the coming weeks and months” is something we need to watch and evaluate carefully.

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  1. Pembury Addick #

    Wyn’s latest article on Bob’s track record to date suggests he works best with younger or hungrier “lesser” players. I suspect that is how we will be rebuilt. Given how crazy football finances are this makes good sense. But a little part of me just wishes we had a plain old sugar daddy instead.

    May 30, 2014

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