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José Riga

José Riga has 20 years experience developing IT systems, the modern day manager eh? He also helped develop the CogiTraining concept, which he introduced at AC Milan. We will no doubt be hearing more about this, but here is the science bit:

‘Modern football goes all about rhythm, timing, spacing and exceptional technical and mental skills. The CogiTraining Method allows initially “normal” players to internalise the essential ingredient of modern football, that is: speed of vision, speed of decision-making, speed of execution.’

Riga’s innovative approach got him working with managers such as Gerard Houllier and Eric Gerets as well as with UEFA and then the Belgium FA. A former player in the lower leagues his first coaching job was with C.S. Visé in the Belgium 3rd Division, twice getting them promoted to Division 2 in two different spells.

He was first team coach at Sprimont-Comblain, who from what I see look like they play in a park. Nonetheless Riga was obviously getting noticed because in 2003 he got a coaching job at Standard Liege.

Then Riga’s big break was at RAEC Mons, based in an historic town in the western part of the country, Riga took them to the Belgium Division 2 title before eventually parting company in 2008.

Strangely after a taste of the Pro League Riga went back to the third tier to manage C.S. Visé and then moved to Standard Liege under Roland Duchatelet as head coach.

Riga inherited a Standard side that finished the season before as runners-up. Duchatelet fired the then head coach and Riga managed to manoever Les Rouches into the last eight of the Europa Cup, but ended the Pro League season a poor 5th.

Riga and Duchatelet then agreed to part ways and Qatar was the next stop to work at the Aspire Academy, set up a great expense to improve youth football in the country in readiness for the 2022 World Cup.

Then since October Riga has been with AC Milan’s youth academy.

Riga will be joined by Karel Fraeye as assistant head coach who was working at the tiny KFC Eendracht Zele. A million miles away from a English Championship relegation battle.

Welcome José to our little corner of London. We can be a friendly lot, don’t ask for much, pretty quotidian to be honest. You’ll understand that word I suspect.

We will back you 100%, and I really want you to see and hear for yourself a rip-roaring Valley because it will send shivers down your spine.

Believe me I have cheered puppets before, many have played like one in our famous colours. Be your own man José, not someone elses.

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  1. Animal #

    I am not backing anybody brought in by Duchbag. Charlton died today and my support has died with it.

    March 11, 2014
    • Loving Duchbag by the way. You know what, I can’t remember a moment this low in my 40 years. This week has rivalled the Nelson relegation to Div 3 season and the end of the Pardew era.

      If you read this blog you will be under no illusion to how much Chris Powell being manager of our club meant to me, yet at the end of the day I support Charlton and my love of the club will far outstay that of any owner or head coach.

      So, my view is, unless I am prepared to eradicate them from my life, I continue to be a supporter, whatever happens.

      March 11, 2014
  2. Blackheath Addick #

    CA, I suspect Jose’s contract has clauses that rule out the possibility of him being his own man.

    March 11, 2014
  3. La Tronch #

    I thought being at the game on Sunday was bad enough, but today is sad sad sad,and I have felt a lot of sorrow and pain in my 65 years supporting my beloved Charlton,but guess what I received in the post today,,,, A very kind invitation from RD to renew my season ticket !!! they say timing is a gift. I shall ponder in my own time. Thanks Chris for all you have achieved ,and I wish you and yours all the best in the future.

    March 11, 2014
  4. CogniTraining? I missed that episode on Dragon’s Den but I know what Duncan Bannatyne said – “absolutely ridiculous, so I’m out.” I don’t like to pre-judge but Jose and Karen will be severely out of their depth in South-East London with a squad of disenchanted players at the foot of the table who will all be on their mobiles in search of new jobs. We are going down and Jose and Karen may find that with League one season ticket sales gathering dust! They might be replaced pre-season in a bid to get the fans onside. That’s if Roland ‘Stalin’ Duchatelet gives a toss.

    March 11, 2014
  5. I have said elsewhere it is sad about Powell, but a couple of things I want to add, I do not believe that others picked the playing 11 for Powell, I dont believe that rumour at all.,What I do believe, is, Powell was told in his negotiations that he would have to work under a Director of Football type guy, who effectively would bring in the players to the club, without the blessing of Powell, a bridge to far for C.P, I do believe Riga was approached for that Director of football, hence his quick replacement for Powell.

    March 11, 2014
    • But Riga has never been a Director of Football before. Mind you he has never managed outside of Belgium, and that mostly in their Div 3.

      Hopefully he can bring adventurous and innovative coaching techniques which like you say I am sure will be integrated with a Director of Football. Ideally that person will not be another Duchâtelet puppet though, but no doubt it will.

      March 11, 2014
  6. No one else has asked, so I will. What does quotidian mean?

    I want to throw my toys out of my pram. I want to stop supporting the team of my birth place. But I can’t. Charlton is my tribe. They are in my blood. It pains me, but “Charlton till I die” is my cry.

    March 12, 2014
    • Richard – Quotidian is a French word meaning everyday or ordinary.

      March 12, 2014

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