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Don’t give them an excuse Chrissy

This Blogger and Addick has consistently asked questions of Messrs Jimenez and Slater, I’ve tried to understand their motives, their plans, the capricious running of the club and it’s finances, their hires and reasons behind resignations and sackings of long term staff members and very importantly what their intentions are for The Valley and for the football club I have loved for as long as I can remember.

Apart from some irregular Slater baloney in the programme, we get told nothing so it is left for the fans to make assumptions, and I sense even the most insouciant of Addicks are now asking questions. Those questions I think will be loud and clear this week as we face two home games.

That will be as it will be, however whilst my support of Chrissy Powell has never waned from 100% and remains so, what he can influence is what happens on the training ground and on the football pitch.

No doubt Chrissy and his coaching staff work within a toxic atmosphere that has to have a debilitating affect on his state of mind and his ability to carry out his job. Others less committed and loyal would’ve walked away, so please Chris don’t give them an excuse to pull the trigger.

As Jimenez and Slater tout the club around for an illogical amount of money, they will continue to work in the dark and take any negativity away from themselves. Sacking Powell will anger fans but it might look decisive to potential investors.

So Chris up those man-management skills that you have become renowned for, learn quicker, bring the players together, work harder, reiterate what it means to wear the shirt, we are in this together and don’t give the owners an excuse to make another bad decision.

Chris Powell 100% support.

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  1. ken #

    Well done Chicago….
    I always say that you realise a true supporter when the going get’s tough, and although the knee jerk reaction would be to replace the manager, that would be an immense step backward to me. Yes Chris may have made some mistakes, what manager has not?
    With key players out, and the limited squad he has at this level, fan’s have to get real, and support the manager, and the team.
    Now is NOT the time to try and appease the fan’s by a quick fix, but support and time as well as some funds in the squad need to be injected as soon as possible to bring back some confidence to a side that hopefully will survive this storm.
    Chris has a big job on his hands, but I am still convinced he should be given the resources and time to do this.

    September 29, 2013
  2. Dabid #

    Well said indeed, CA.
    The (you might argue sad) fact is that nobody in a white shirt at Turf Moor actually played badly, and nobody shirked their responsibilities – its just that Burnley are better than us. CamStew flattered to deceive a bit, and Wils had a very odd fifteen minutes, but basically everyone gave of their best – but fact is we only have three high quality Championship players, and none of them were playing. The formation was sound, but another sad fact is that the boy Church up front on his own means max effort, but not enough quality on the ball; SCP shuffling the pack as best as anyone could, but we need our best players on the pitch, and the others to overperform, and a bit of luck, in order to get a few points – at the moment drawing a blank on all three counts.
    On the upside – Cousins looks a quality prospect; play the ball to his feet and Sordell’s movement and touch will start to win a few people round; and the obnoxious human being that was bellowing “this is f*****g rubbish, Powell” at the top of his voice, while his bemused children – I would guess 8 and 6 years old – looked on in confusion is, praise the lord, not a typical Addick.
    As the mighty Nils said – “dream big; work hard; stay humble”. COYA

    September 29, 2013
  3. My take on this C.A is were a club in crisis, I have not seen a lot of matches over these past 8 or 9 years because of work commitments abroad, but moved back to the U.K. at the start of this season.

    The football ive seen played so far has been, to say the very least abysmal, the easy option for fans is blame the manager, and the football we have played so far at home gives easy ammunition to those who want to blame Powell and want him replaced.

    I am not one of those, but like it or not – (and we as fans need to wake up to the fact) – our club is in trouble, deep trouble, the heart of our club, built up since the days of the return to the valley, is being lost, long standing people who have given great service for the club and fans, have left because of behind the scenes goings on. We have a chairman and owner who not only support other clubs!.(a Man City season ticket holder), but are mute in even speaking on a regular basis to Charlton fans.

    When Powell first became our Manager, we judged him on his team, not what Parkinson had left him, and he did grand, building a team that got us out of Div 1, and as champions, talk from the board room was of investment, wanting a challenge for the premiership, so what have we got?, nothing, or to put it more plainly what did Powell recieve in funds to help him realise this er dream from the board?..nothing, I doubt you could get a weeks shopping at the Sainsbury end of Palace with what Powell has received to improve the squad for this season.

    I am not saying Powell has made some mistakes in games, but he got us to the championship, and near to a playoff spot last season, a Manager/coach can only do so much, if some of your players are not up for regular championship games then he would want to address that, Powell cant, he hasnt that option unless he sells, what good would that do, It’s about time that Jiminez and Slater were made aware we dont want them, they are killing our club, have we really come all this way to see 2 guys put us into administation., and back to Div 1?, we have no investment, no new players apart from those on a free or loan, we as fans pay the prices, dont you think its time we were heard?.

    September 30, 2013

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