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Charlton Athletic A Doncaster Rovers A

The times I have been stood or sat at The Valley during a game and wished…. no prayed, some divine intervention would occur, you know an earthquake, ice storm or just plain old rain, and the game would be abandoned!

Well, that is exactly what happened today in such bizarre circumstances. I was listening to the radio and every bloody time Donny attacked they scored. What the hell is up with our defence, Morrison particularly, tropical cyclone or not?

I knew it was raining, I saw the forecast and Peter Finch and the bungling Emma would mention it occasionally, but really? What has happened to the drainage system? Did Slater sell it to pay for Richard Wood’s wages?

Offensively it sounded okay with Cousins impressing again, Gower better, Harriott a handful and my boy Church scoring again, although the Welshman might be the only person lying in bed tonight slightly miffed.

At the end of the day we were being tonked, and if I was a Rovers’ fan I would be rightly aggrieved, although any blame for the game being abandoned can only be laid at the door of the referee, who not surprisingly decided that calling the game off at half-time from the sanctuary of his room with his feet in a warm bowl of water was inherently safer. But, really, what a farce.

I was talking regularly to my brother and mate at the game, and I think in a ‘only Charlton’ sort of way, they were quite enjoying it. My brother anyway would’ve enjoyed his beers tonight with a Donny fan who was staying at his house.

The silly thing is, and come on, we have all thought this, whether you were there or not, that is the kind of game that in 20 years time 25,000 people will still be giving it the I was there story….. You know the day we beat Donny 5-4 and both sides finished with 9 players, and it should have been abandoned!

Despite the appalling defensive display, if we could have navigated around the obvious time-wasting that was coming our way in the 2nd half then I would not have been the least bit surprised if we’d won.

Chris Solly Tweeted tonight that today’s happenings will kick start our season. I really hope so because him upstairs has not always been so favourable.

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Powell-ometer: Another shocking performance from his players. He got away with it today.
Elsewhere: Blackpool beat Reading to go top, Leicester overcame Birmingham 3-2 and are 2nd with Forest and Watford meeting tomorrow. Bournemouth were beaten big away from home again, 5-1 at Huddersfield. James Vaughan got a hat-trick. Blackburn also scored 5 at home to Barnsley, Leeds won at Ipswich 2-1 and Brighton beat Burnley 2-0 at The Amex. Derby won 3-0 at Yeovil, QPR won at Bolton 1-0 and Millwall won a point at Hilllsborough with a late penalty.

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  1. Chris solely seems to be (over) confident…. After each not so good or plain bad performance someone says it all changes next week. Oh well, my cup is half full, no ones ever been relegated in August.

    August 25, 2013
  2. Solly… Isn’t autocorrect a bitch

    August 25, 2013

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