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There has been a lot of questions asked of the form of four of the Addicks best players from the end of last season – Yann Kermorgant, Chris Solly, Michael Morrison and Rhoys Wiggins – since the season kicked off three weeks ago.

With just over a week left of the transfer window stories persist that these four players have each been made available to other clubs should someone offer a price that Tony Jimenez feels acceptable and if true this will no doubt have an affect on the players, who I believe all had good pre-seasons, especially Yann, but have suddenly looked a little disinterested.

Meanwhile the impressive 2nd half introduction of Jordan Cousins and Leon Cort at Barnsley plus a much improved 2nd half performance from Mark Gower alongside the 19-year old Cousins and another goal from Simon Church will ask more questions than give answers for Chris Powell.

Add to this the return of Bradley Pritchard from suspension, a late fitness test for skipper Johnnie Jackson and a midweek knock to Huddersfield target Dale Stephens and it will be interesting to see who walks out on to The Valley turf tomorrow afternoon.

I know some are not keen, but I am in the camp that when things are not as defensively as sound as they should be then the midfield needs to be bolstered and I wouldn’t be overly surprised to see CP play 5 in midfield tomorrow with Harriott and Wilson flanking Cousins, Gower and Pritchard. Powell maybe tempted instead to put Dorian Dervite in the middle to add much needed steel.

Powell’s midfield has been a problem child since promotion and continues to be so but the big question in my mind today is will Powell make the real tough decision and drop one, or all off Solly, Wiggins, Morrison and Kermorgant?

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  1. Thought provoking but measured article. Wish more Charlton fans could articulate their thoughts like this rather than the one line comments that are too readily thrown out on social media.

    August 23, 2013
  2. Dabid #

    Well said Mr Ontiod!!

    One thing I would add is that in this social media world, opinions proliferate and multiply, becoming “facts”, but are so often passed along and enhanced by people who never actually witnessed the events they are commenting on; we get all this “I always knew Wiggins was useless, and someone told my Mum that he was hopeless again”.

    I was at the Bournemouth and Boro games (but not Barnsley) – not bad for a man who lives in Spain! Yann hasn’t been at his best, but what a goal. Wiggins was good at Bournemouth. Solly and Morro have been solid, but of course we expect more from them. But at no stage – a bit of Yann sulking aside – did I think “these players are not trying/thinking of a move to Palace/wish they were still on holiday”

    Do share the mighty CAs view that – given the current squad – we need a structural solution to the mid field misfiring (or, as it was known in the Boro game, getting completely over run). In the first half against St Mirren in Marbella – did I mention that I saw both the Spanish tour games as well; supporter of the year status surely already guaranteed – we played 3-5-2, and it fit us like a thing that fits really well. Loads of bodies in midfield, but still two up front; and with 3 mobile central defenders (including the left footed Wood, who I really like) it was a thing of beauty (although the super saints, in their first pre-season work out, perhaps not the strongest test)

    Hey ho, this management lark – indeed, this playing lark as well – is an absolute piece of puddin’ from the safety of the stands, aint it?? In the UK for the Donny and Leicester games – hope JC gets a start; hope JJ back soon; but I dont need to hope that I will still be proud of my team – that’s an absolute given.

    August 24, 2013
  3. Well said Dabid

    August 24, 2013

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