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Back to Bermuda last night after a quickfire visit home. At one point yesterday between junctions 5 and 6 on the M25 I was convinced I might have to extend my stay another day as the congestion was so bad. Only because I left my mate’s house in Chislehurst so early did I make my flight.

It’s funny the emotions that you go through sat in the car on your own. I started pretty calm because I had given myself so much time to make what is normally a 40-minute drive, then after sat at almost standstill for half an hour I began to get frustrated at the lack of information (max speed 50mph signs aside) and the countries bloody useless infrastructure and in particular the shortsightedness of the M25 planning, to then at peace with myself as I came to terms with missing my flight and being more than happy at spending another day with family. Finally there was joy as I started to move up the gears and away from the mess behind me to the M23 turnoff after the lines of cars somehow dissipated.

At the least the road didn’t melt, although I counted six cars that had over-heated.

Phew, it was a scorcher though wasn’t it and it sounds as if the warm weather may stick around for a while, which is great news. The weather certainly allowed for some great outside drinking and my favourite spot was The Crown across the road from Victoria Park. Locally it is known for it’s food but my brother and I had a few very nice pints in this very atmospheric boozer on Friday evening.

I have returned to Island Games fever in Bermuda, although more on that later after I hope to see a little bit of the badminton this evening.

On the Addicks front, I imagine there are some very frustrated fans, and I would expect a very frustrated manager as there are still no signs of any new signings. With just Mark Gower added, and 11 gone if I include Obika and Rouamba.

For an ownership that so clearly saw the superb results of bringing in new players early and allowing them to gel pre-season, this only highlights the different financial landscape we are now dealing with. Another issue is that almost the entire squad, plus Powell and Dyer, only have contracts until June 2014. surely it would be good governance to sign at least some of our better players that would demand a fee, onto longer contracts.

I’m trying not to get swept up in the ‘we’ve not signed anyone so panic’ brigade but the foundations that Powell put into place, helped initally by Slater, Jiminez et al, is starting to look a bit shaky and The Championship does not get any easier.

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  1. I’ve been banging on for weeks about extending some contracts. Hopefully now that the players are back at training we will see some news pn this front.

    July 16, 2013
  2. I hope so KHA. The club clearly don’t want too much financial tail, as we have seen with the Evina situation, but having 20-odd players out of contract in less than a year doesn’t indicate much foresight. Maybe Slater and Jiminez are hoping it will be someone else’s problem.

    July 16, 2013
  3. Blackheath Addick #

    CA, has Rouamba definitely gone? I was keeping an eye out to see if he featured in anything pre-season but probably missed something. Must be nice to get back to the calm and cold of Bermuda after the sun and stress of the UI.

    July 17, 2013
    • Calm yes, but cold no. Horribly humid here. I believe Rouamba was released at the end of the season BA, certainly no sign of him in any of the pre-season games.

      Another trialist likely to play at Wimbledon tonight – Adamo Coulibaly.

      July 17, 2013

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