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Headless chickens

A warning shot to those of us that are pining for strange men walking into The Valley with bags full of cash, fancy job titles and hair brained ideas of Champions League places as the Venky’s, which has become a byword for Comedy Relief, today disposed of their 3rd Blackburn manager this season.

67 days ago Michael Appleton was given a two and a half year contract after walking out on Blackpool but after he proved further that the Chicken men really should have stayed in Bollywood or at least with Steve Kean, he too was given a cheque to go away with Rovers 4 points off relegation.

One has to start feeling sorry for Rovers’ fans although they may be sitting at home uncomfortably tonight after the treatment they gave to Kean during his tenure. As for the Venky’s, one has to question the validity of the Football and Premier League’s Fit and Proper Test.

It’s hard to feel sorry for Michael Appleton either, who has snappled jobs that others are simply better at, and cheaper. Returned caretaker manager Gary Bowyer is a case in point. I saw the bulk of Rovers’ two games against Millwall and they were shocking playing a long ball game that Big Sam has perfected and clearly Appleton hasn’t.

I would be suprised if Appleton ever got a job again managing a club, especially with a win record like his. The sad thing is that the whole of Appleton’s back room staff have also been cleared out.

Staying in The Championship I had to smile at ex-Addick Carl Ikeme getting injured during half time after punching a tactics board. Hopefully that disrupts Dean Saunders and Wolves further. Today’s Championship events has to be good news for Charlton.

Jordan Cook went on loan to Yeovil yesterday until the end of the season, although he might end up moving permanently. I have only seen him briefly and Forest away won’t be a game that he will care to remember. I think Cook’s contract does have another year left on it however.

With Cook, BWP, Sullivan, Mambo, Smith (who has 2 in 3 for Colchester) and Pope all out on loan, it may signal room in the kitty for another one coming in?

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  1. Tom #

    Yet another talking of what he knows nowt.

    Why do you think kean stayed so long?

    He was part of the whole sorry conspiracy from the start – every bit as involved with the violation of our club as venky’s.

    It is only because east Lancashire folk are so stoic that he got such an easy ride at Rovers – do you really think the media and fans of a big club would’ve allowed him to continue his lies and abuse for anything like the two years he got at Blackburn?

    Apart from the lack of co-conspirators why do you think that he has not been linked with any football jobs since he left us?

    Kean played an equal role with venky’s under the guidance of the real crooks behind the scenes in our ruination and I would rather we drop out of the football leagues ( as may well happen ) than ever have him back at the club. I hope he rots in hell.

    March 19, 2013
  2. Well, that was interesting!

    March 20, 2013

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