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Charlton Athletic 0 Millwall 2

The omens weren’t good yesterday. What with our home form and our derby record against our neighbours, which is possibly one of the worst in English football, we had to hope for a miracle and sadly we aren’t very far up the new Pope’s list.

I spoke at length to my brother after the game, it was a depressing conversation. Like thousands of others he had to make a detour to get home and was at Falconwood Station after a pint with a mate. Between us we concurred we have seen us lose to them more times than we care to remember.

My stomach hurt after the game yesterday. It hurt because I was kicked in it. The feelings don’t get any easier, with age, location or familiarity. 5 wins in the last 38 meetings.

I was told the heart was there, the battle. We were even on top before they scored. All perhaps except Fuller gave everything. They can’t be criticised for that, it’s just that miracles don’t happen.

Who’s next? Bolton at home. Oh joy.

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Powell-ometer: Our home is simply ridiculous. He turned on a reporter in the press conference, and we know Powelly is hurting but we need him to find solutions and get us going again.
Elsewhere: It was a good day for the lower teams today with Wolves beating Bristol City 2-1, Peterborough won 1-0 at Blackpool, Barnsley beat Watford 1-0, Ipswich beat Bolton by the same scoreline and Huddersfield won the Yorkshire derby 2-1 at Elland Road. Forest won again, this time at promotion rivals Hull, Cardiff beat Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough and Leicester and Middlesbrough both lost. City at Derby and Boro at home to Birmingham. Today Palace were thrashed by their A23 rivals Brighton at the Amex, which at least put a smile on my face and Blackburn grabbed a late, late equaliser at home to M65 rivals Burnley.

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  1. Pat #

    Anyone who spotted a shaft of sunlight that appeared to be beaming down on a seat in the East Stand half way through the second half might like to know it was not what it appeared – it was actually a light going on. Having avoided any website during the week I awoke feeling sick to my stomach but gave myself a firm talking to. Its only a game. And having mentally psyched myself up I was lulled into a false sense of security in the first half – I actually found myself laughing at one point as the north stand took the p*** out of our friends very effectively. But then it all came crashing down – again. After the first goal I didn’t see much else – slumped in my seat with my ipod turned up as loud as it would go just waiting for the inevitable. At which point I was listening to Bruce who stopped singing about wrecking balls and very clearly spoke to me. PAT, he said, and he said it very slowly – YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS. And after 40+ years I finally realised, I didn’t have to be sitting there. As my husband was physically restraining me at the time I couldn’t actually go home as every nerve in my body was urging me to do – but for the record – that’s it. No more. Ever again. I have never been to Senegal Fields (look it up) and now I won’t be seeing or listening to that bunch of ignorant, arrogant bastards again. Sorry boys – I leave it to those younger and stronger.

    March 18, 2013
    • Those are very impassioned words Pat. Although believe me defeat didn’t taste any better sat at home. It is beyond a joke though, our record against them is so woeful it has to be the most one-sided local derby in England.

      March 18, 2013
  2. malcolm0366 #

    We are millwall. No likes us. WE DONT CARE.

    March 18, 2013
    • Yeh, yeh, we know…. and you’re not bothered enough by us to trawl our fan blogs. Whatever.

      March 18, 2013
  3. nigel reddick #

    I know we should have had at least one penalty (Kermit, was being strangled again just before Wilson’s miss) but I’m angry at the team for humiliating us in another local derby and the club for inconveniencing us after the game because of the Scum’s reputation. Then Trust’s latest issue makes for a sobering read on club finances and our owners, and you sort of feel you should be grateful for small mercies. I don’t feel very grateful CA….

    March 18, 2013
    • Those are very impassioned words Pat. Although believe me defeat didn’t taste any better sat at home. It is beyond a joke though, our record against them is so woeful it has to be the most one-sided local derby in England.

      March 18, 2013
    • And so we shouldn’t Nigel. Our record against that lot is little short of disgraceful and in all my years I have never known a club inconvenience home fans for the benefit of away fans like the club did to us on Saturday.

      March 18, 2013
  4. Pat #

    A week on, and reading the above, I’m relieved at my decision. What is it with these people? It wasn’t the loosing Chicago – it was the abuse. Do I really need 2,500 people telling to F*** off? Is that a pleasant way to spend 90 minutes of my life? We are a family club and long may that continue – try explaining to a 5 year old what the Shittu song is about. Nope, no more games against them unless the away fans are banned – and that is a forelorn hope.

    But be prepared Chicago – a home win is in the bag – we are on holiday for the next one.

    March 23, 2013

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