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How sexy does that ‘C’ look?

I’ll never get bored of looking at that. 97 points, that’s pretty awesome isn’t it? The last team to finish the season with more than 97 were Luton, who got 98 in 2004/5. Wigan hit 100 points in 2002/3. As the Gaffer says…. 44 games gone, 2 to play.

I was wondering about medals the other day, and a poster on Charlton Life answered all of my questions. Back in the day I thought that a player had to make a certain number of appearances, a third if I remember, to claim a league winners medal, but that was pre-big squads. In the 1980/81 season I think we used just 17 players.

This season, despite the regular use by Powell of unchanged line-ups we used….. Come on have a guess without looking it up. Give up? Ok then itwas 27 players in the league. 34 altogether.

The Football League will give 18 medals to the club, plus 6 others for staff members. 18 medals based on appearances would exclude John Sullivan, Cedric Evina, Robbie Elliot, Danny Haynes and Dany N’Guessan, who may well be on loan from the Spanners but how vital were his three goals?

Anyway the League allow the club to purchase other medals at their discretion and with Powell choosing the word ‘team’ as this seasons most vital ingredient I am pretty sure every player, however small a role they played, will get rewarded.

I follow Cedric Evina on Twitter and despite hardly being involved this season, he celebrates each win like a fan and his smile took up a whole lot of photographs from those taken at Brunton Park. I am sure he has been a huge help in the dressing room and on the training ground and deserves recognition for his role in the team.

On Sunday Ben Hamer, Rhoys Wiggins, Michael Morrison and captain Johnnie Jackson were each chosen by their fellow pros in the League One PFA team of the season. I think we could make a good argument that Chris Solly deserved to be ahead of Huddersfield’s Jack Hunt. Solly is a little younger but very similar players.

All of the press has surrounded Ched Evans’ inclusion. Convicted rapists don’t deserve any recognition and rarely receive a round of applause at an awards dinner. The PFA have explained their decision to include him and of course the players voted before Evans’ court case and many feel that he should be judged differently whilst on and off the football pitch. I am not so sure.

The whole reaction to Evans’ sentence has been unsavoury and internet jungle drums are suggesting that Sheffield United fans are calling for a minute’s applause at the 9th minute in support of Evans (his shirt number) at Saturday’s home game against Stevenage. I have admired Danny Wilson and his team this season and like most Addicks would love to see the Blades join us in the Championship but this Luis Suarez type of undying support in the face of detailed evidence (most of which is not in the public domain) is nauseating and empty headed.

It of course is not Danny Wilson’s fault, but he now has a job on his hands to unify and focus his players whilst trying to ignore the simple minded lemmings who think their support of a convicted rapist is more important than supporting their football club and helping them to promotion.

Wednesday fans with their massive club syndrome have become easy fodder for us ‘little club’ followers but if United fans stand and glorify Evans on Saturday, whether he wins an appeal or not, then they don’t deserve an ounce of admiration from the football world.

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  1. Daggs #

    I’ve resisted any comment on the Evans case until now. I have no insight to the facts of the case, your quote (below) suggests you do?

    ” this Luis Suarez type of undying support in the face of detailed evidence (most of which is not in the public domain) ”

    My unease stems from the fact the other footballer charged alongside Evans, walked free. Yet apparently they both had sex with the victim…………………….curious.!

    April 26, 2012
    • Chris #

      Pretty facile way of looking at the outcome of the case.
      For one to be guilty and the other innocent obviously means that there’s much evidence that never made it into the news. And why should it have done?

      April 26, 2012
    • Daggs – Not quite sure why you say I have more insight. The jury was given the evidence and they made a judgement, which I accept and so should United fans. I don’t know why MacDonald (implied consent?) got off but I am sure the 12 jurors weighed up all the facts.

      The whole point of the post was condemning the reaction by some Blades fans, like some Liverpool fans previously. As a football fan, who do you support? Your club or a player who has been at the club for two and a bit years and convicted of rape.

      I suppose next up we will have the sad and unfortunate John Terry….

      April 26, 2012
  2. britz1 #

    Good post C.A. and I completely agree with your sentiments, it appears some footballers think they are above the law, though in a tiny minority they give the rest a bad name,

    You have one convicted of rape, imprisioned yet the victim is verbally abused and named on social media!, you have another high profile player – who was England captain until recently – uttering the words “i dont go out to hurt anyone” kneeing someone in the back then giving a different account to what we all saw on our tv screens, until he saw the replays, no wonder football is dragged through the gutter sometimes because of these idiots actions.

    April 26, 2012
  3. Good read, CA. I believe I should get a meddle…as should you and all other long-suffering Addicks!!!

    We know in reality the club will not see any player worthy of a meddle go without, and this will be measured in their overall contribution to the season; off the pitch as well.

    Sullivan is a case in point, for me. Although I can only recall a couple of appearances in the league this term, I have always been impressed with how he goes about things on a matchday and he looks a great professional who has without question pushed Hamer. The two clearly have a great solidarity, which is highlighted perfectly in the way Sullivan will spend a few moments with Hamer before the start of the second half of games (keep an eye out for that).

    The point is, despite not seeing him play much, if I was to pass him in Tesco’s I’d shake his hand firmly and thank him for giving us our Charlton back (to use one of your own expressions) just as I would Chris Solly et al.

    Euell’s jingoistic tweets before and after games have been fantastic to read!

    April 26, 2012
    • Agreed Ted. Euell hasn’t added an awful lot on the pitch to be fair, but what he brought to the dressing room was invaluable.

      April 26, 2012
  4. Matthew #

    Fantastic article…. I thought one was found not guilty, however crude this sounds, as her met her when she was still not too drunk, so maybe consensual sex was on the cards. Evans on the other hand shows up when she’s semi-comatized and rapes her (whilst his mates video it). Wouldn’t find me standing up to applaud that behaviour, 25 goals or not….

    April 26, 2012
    • I wonder if Sheffield United fans would have been happy if they’d signed Marlon King when he left her majesty’s service?

      April 26, 2012
  5. Spot on, CA. Wasn’t going to comment on the Ched Even’s bit but felt compelled to do so after reading Daggs comment.

    It’s understandable (to some degree) that football fans react from the heart on matters relating to their club, but it’s because of that insular way of thinking that we are seeing this bizarre responses from some Sheff United fans in defense of a convicted rapist. Sadly, their intellect allows them only to see the whole thing as a ‘dig’ at the club they support.

    Furthermore, for Daggs (or any United fan) to compare the validity and worthiness of Ched Evan’s conviction against the acquittal of the other chap shows how dangerous it can be to pass judgment without knowing the facts or understanding the judicial process. Just because there was two men standing trial, doesn’t mean their positions are in any way the same.

    April 26, 2012
  6. Daggs #

    For goodness sake stop twisting my words. I said i have a feeling of unease at the outcome. That’s all.
    I don’t know the facts. I got the impression CA knows more, perhaps he doesn’t.
    It seems Evans is to appeal. If that appeal fails, he should go off and serve his sentence.

    April 26, 2012

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