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Trains, planes and automobiles

Well we made it through. The 25-year Magaluf reunion was a real laugh although it might take my sense of smell a while to lose the constant odour of puke, which Magaluf gratefully bestows!

There were two very late nights, each followed by an unfamiliar early afternoon wake up, sandwiched between two nights of two hours sleep each. Last night my room mate beating me to a deep sleep for the first time this weekend so I had to listen to his cacophonous snoring. Once I piece it all together I’ll write more on our weekend amongst the teenagers and geriatrics that mingle, mostly in a very northern accent, in this little corner of Majorca.

Because I try to make my life as complicated as possible, this trip doesn’t stop there. The Magaluf weekend had been in the diary for long time and so had a friends wedding in Chicago next Saturday. All fine so far. I had even pencilled in a little trip to Milton Keynes tomorrow night after the fixtures came out in the summer.

Then I got invited, well actually it was kind of insisted upon, that I attend a Rail conference in Las Vegas. I get all the shit jobs! Like all Addicks I am for my sins a bit of an ‘expert,’ on trains and in particular American’s railroads and the conference takes place over Wednesday and Thursday.

In a tactical manoeuvre I invited my other half and the little ‘un, who fly to Vegas from Bermuda today and will meet me in the hotel tonight. So we get a bit of family play time and then we all depart to Chicago on Friday for the wedding Saturday and then we have a week’s holiday in the windy city. Come on, I need a holiday!

So, this morning I’m in Palma de Mallorca Airport and due to depart at 8.30am for Barcelona. I then connect to Heathrow and then to the McCarran Airport just 20 minutes from the Strip in Las Vegas. Total journey time 20.5 hours. Please don’t let me sit next to anyone that snores!

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