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Is it over yet?

Charlton Athletic 0 Huddersfield Town 1
It sounds at least that those present this afternoon may have at least seen a performance, they were owed one. It worries me that Chris Powell said after the game that he doesn’t want the season to drift, well Chris me old mate I hate to break it to you but we have been drifting like ghosts amongst the trees in Greenwich Park for a couple of months.

I’m getting good reports on Sullivan, the Millwall keeper though. He is out of contract this summer and Stewart should be on the shopping list. They were politely applauded off at the final whistle, the referee got most of the blame and hopefully everyone got home safe. That is all.

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CA fact: A 4th home defeat in 7 for Chris Powell at ‘fortress Valley.’

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  1. Scott #

    No bang, lots of whimper.

    April 16, 2011
  2. It was a surprise that Reid was brought in, given his recent form. Can only assume it may have been his last chance to impress, and he didn’t.
    For those who hold out home that Stewart is the Messiah, he made little impression. Perhaps it was lack of match fitness, but he still has to prove to me he can do it at this level after failing to do do it at a higher level (a La Martin). Maybe he will be the best that we can afford, unless promised funds are materialised.
    Agree abput the goalkeeper, he looks as if he can be a force, my suspicion is he was unsighted for yesterdays goal.

    April 17, 2011
  3. I’ve seen a bit of Michael Stewart from his Hearts days. He could really be the one to line up along side Semedo next term. He hasn’t been with us long enough to set the world on fire but has shown great moments of promise. He’s the one i’d like to see sign up in the summer, i really do believe he could spearhead our midfield in the way we used to see from the likes of Kinsella.

    April 17, 2011
    • That’s reassuring Al.
      I bow to your knowledge of his Hearts days (not sure how long ago they were?), that I obviously do not have. I’m glad you accept he has not yet set the world on fire rather than being over ecstatic like some who have only seen him at CAFC. Though I accept he has had the odd moment of inspiration, they have not been over adbundant as yet, certainly not enough to sign and rely on him, but you have obviosuly seen more evidence elsewhere.

      April 17, 2011
      • It was only a couple of years back he was doing the business for Hearts. I guess if he doesn’t get a contract, or doesn’t like one he’s offered, we’ll never find out. And if he flops, well you’ll have deserved bragging rights 😉

        April 18, 2011
        • Stewart had his best times in Edinburgh but looking at his playing history, what the boy really needs is to settle down at a club and get some games under his belt. Hopefully that can be at The Valley.

          April 18, 2011

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