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Saints alive

Charlton Athletic 1 Southampton 1
I’m a bit late with this as this week has been ridiculous at work but from what I have read it sounded a vast improvement and coupled with Michael Slater’s comments the same day I sense a bit more forbearance and less angst amongst Addicks. Am I right?

Whether Southampton came to win the game and therefore allowed us to play helped or the fact that probably everyone bar the most pessimistic Saints fan in the ground expected a complete thrashing distilled the general feeling of oncoming doom, I don’t know.

Maybe it was an excellent few days on the training field. Maybe it was an impassioned pre-match team talk. Maybe it was a more better balanced team line up with timely substitutions. Maybe we had reached the bottom. Or maybe Tuesday was all a blip.

What I did feel was key though, bearing in mind I didn’t watch the game, or listen to it on the radio, was the introduction of Solly and Bessone. Remember at school when the least exciting place to play was full back? Well I think they get a raw deal (I would because I played left back) and for those teams that want to play the game along the ground or in the space behind opposing full backs using a combination of short passes and pace, filling the left and right back positions with intelligent, quick and good passers of the ball are critical to the success of a team.

Therefore I am less disappointed to see Carl Jenkinson turn down a new contract than Chris Solly. Jenkinson according to Powell has had his head turned and good luck to him if he is able to force his way onto Arsenal’s League Cup bench in 3 years time.

Solly has shown some loyalty though and I’d imagine that being reassured, comforted and encouraged when one is out with a long-term injury would have had some sway too, and maybe he believes in his new manager.

Anyway, better, better, better Charlton. Let’s get the hell out of this downward spiral.

Addicks at The Valley Tuesday: Deepest Darkest; Drinking During the Game; Charlton Casual; Exiled Addick.
CA fact: Just 3 months ago Carl Jenkinson was playing in front of 190 people for Eastbourne Borough at Hayes.

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  1. Agree about Solly. He had a fair game and gradually got more involved. Yes; it’s good to see a loyal player being rewarded. We were saying the other night that if he has a weakness it’s the danger of him having to mark forwards who tower over him, especially at corners. He was up against that with the Saints who seemed to have a lot of big guys and not expolit it.
    However, our group were also speculating whether he could do a turn for us in midfield as he can play a bit, has speed and gets stuck in.
    We were therefore pleased to see that Chris Powell also things he could contribute there.
    I think Jenkinson could do well wherever he ends iup but as you say he will no doubt be wasted for a year or more on the bench and then maybe break through.
    It seemed as if Shelvey might have been beginning to be berecognised before he got injured but it’s still possible he be lucky to have a regular bench spot and maybe may never make it up at Anfield. Thta’s the risk our young full back will have to take.

    March 24, 2011
  2. I feel loyalty deserves loyalty and the way young Jenkinson was ferociously abused while getting on the coach following the Dag & Red game reduced him to tears. He is 19 and has been at our club for 11 years. Up until the Dagenham game, he like Solly, was open to sign. Being scared shitless by neanderthals – would you ?
    It could be that he was advised his signing on fee would be much bigger if his new club only had to pay a Development Fee – but whatever it was, something changed his stance between Saturday and Tuesday.
    If you can stomach the threads about him on “Charlton Life”, you may get an inkling as to why he can be ‘Disloyal’. I don’t blame him at all.

    March 25, 2011
    • Personally I think he needs to grow a thicker skin if he wants to succeed. Sure, those guys giving him the abuse need to grow up, but if he wants to play at the highest level, he needs to get used to taking criticism from fans. It’s goes with the territory.

      If he didn’t want to play for us, fine, ship him out. It’s no great loss, Solly is the better player anyway in my opinion, although Jenkinson may have more potential.

      March 25, 2011
      • I understand what you’re saying Exiled, but if that really was the case at D&R, then that was despicable behaviour towards a young man who has played a handful of games and probably been our best player.

        I don’t like to see abuse hurled at what I call one of our own.

        March 25, 2011

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