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Arsene Knows

Like the next man I like to see a lot of goals in a televised Sunday afternoon Premier League match but as Man United continued to humiliate Arsenal this afternoon I just ended up feeling embarrassed. It was like a FA Cup 3rd match, David v Goliath when you just know that the big team can score at will, and you wonder if eventually they will take their foot of the opposition’s throat and allow them to reclaim a bit of pride.

There was too much joy on the faces Man U’s players for them to let up, particularly that of Ryan Giggs, him with a long memory on the football pitch, but not as good of it. Well, he probably hasn’t had this much of a good time for a while. Sir Alex Ferguson also looked embarrassed and said afterwards “I did not want them to score any more.” I am sure that made Arsenal fans feel heaps better!

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Saints alive

Charlton Athletic 1 Southampton 1
I’m a bit late with this as this week has been ridiculous at work but from what I have read it sounded a vast improvement and coupled with Michael Slater’s comments the same day I sense a bit more forbearance and less angst amongst Addicks. Am I right?

Whether Southampton came to win the game and therefore allowed us to play helped or the fact that probably everyone bar the most pessimistic Saints fan in the ground expected a complete thrashing distilled the general feeling of oncoming doom, I don’t know.

Maybe it was an excellent few days on the training field. Maybe it was an impassioned pre-match team talk. Maybe it was a more better balanced team line up with timely substitutions. Maybe we had reached the bottom. Or maybe Tuesday was all a blip.
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Pretty hacked off with last night to be honest and I didn’t even have to suffer through it. I was tied up in client meetings the whole day, so I dipped in and out of Twitter and was really lifted to see us take an early lead. What happened afterwards sounded pretty shambolic.

For the most part Powell is being given the time that the new owners had wished for. Parky would have been lynched from the west stand by now.

There is no disguising that we are in a mess, things haven’t improved even with BWP’s five goals in seven games and the only other chink of light has been the introduction of Carl Jenkinson. The rest have been pony.
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No Wembley Way

Brentford 0 Charlton Athletic 0 (Brentford win 3-1 on pens)
We’re not very good are we? Throughout the 90 minutes we were always second best and I thought it a very disjointed performance with too many passes going astray preventing any type of momentum. Watching us is certainly not pretty and the 900 Addicks behind one of the goals deserved better.

Penalties are always a farce of course, but if you miss three of your four kicks then you get what you deserve. Strange however with Dailly lined up for the 5th that neither Benson nor Anyinsah didn’t fancy it.

Fortunately I missed the penalties as I was on the nursery run tonight and instead followed the finale on Twitter whilst driving along the narrow and windy Bermuda roads home. Brentford certainly finished the stronger and I don’t expect for a minute extra time bringing a different outcome.

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