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Piers Morgan

Unless you have been holidaying under a rock for the past week, you would have no doubt heard that Piers Morgan started his late night chat show on CNN. If you happen to follow Morgan on Twitter, then no doubt you’d have read nothing else.

Morgan is the latest in a Brit invasion of the US television networks and represents a gamble by the ailing news network choosing someone that most Americans had never heard off to front the late night slot and replace the revered Larry King, who retired.

I flip-flop between liking the ex-Daily Mirror editor and hating his guts but after a week of his new show I’ve been impressed. He started with someone even Morgan has to admit is more famous than him, Oprah Winfrey. After an hour I wondered if the show would be able to continue because Morgan came close to losing his tongue, it was so far up Oprah’s bottom.

He retrieved it but it wasn’t an inspiring start. Nonetheless he was much improved the next evening when he wrestled with shock-jock Howard Stern. Next up was the former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who was about as far removed from Stern that you could get, but Morgan was good, probing with some interesting questions and opening up the famously private now professor of political science at Stanford.

Thursday night though was the highlight as Morgan and Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais jousted with each other, and I learnt an awful lot about Gervais thanks to some great dialogue between the two Brits, and Morgan breaking a habit and allowing Gervais to talk. The hour ended too quickly, always a good sign.

Friday’s show had George Clooney and his father and whenever I’ve seen Clooney on the box he has normally been trying to plug something but apart from his charity work in the Sudan, Clooney talked about fame (it came to him pretty late), modern culture and the paparazzi and it was good TV.

I’d like to know if the show is always going to be pre-recorded (Morgan won’t answer my tweets) because I would be interested to see him mix it up a bit, like Larry King did, with Morgan prepared to be live when there is breaking news happening. However it seems pretty guest driven, and certainly it will continue to be with Mitt Romney, Rod Stewart, Donald Trump and sisters Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian planning to be on this week.

I just wonder if for example he records an interview like he did with the Kardashian’s last Thursday and then Kim’s plastic boobs blow up on the morning of the due to be aired show. What a wasted opportunity that would be and more importantly a big fail when it comes to the all important viewing figues. Talking of which, these are bound to be inconsistent, depending who’s on, but after a good opening night with Oprah, they are already half of what they were just a week later.

Anyway with my St George flag pants firmly on, I hope Piers Morgan can make a success of it, as long as he doesn’t ram it down our throats, but it has to be better than the rantings of the lunatics over on Fox News.

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