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Piers Morgan

Unless you have been holidaying under a rock for the past week, you would have no doubt heard that Piers Morgan started his late night chat show on CNN. If you happen to follow Morgan on Twitter, then no doubt you’d have read nothing else.

Morgan is the latest in a Brit invasion of the US television networks and represents a gamble by the ailing news network choosing someone that most Americans had never heard off to front the late night slot and replace the revered Larry King, who retired.

I flip-flop between liking the ex-Daily Mirror editor and hating his guts but after a week of his new show I’ve been impressed. He started with someone even Morgan has to admit is more famous than him, Oprah Winfrey. After an hour I wondered if the show would be able to continue because Morgan came close to losing his tongue, it was so far up Oprah’s bottom.

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Larry King Live

Larry King is doing his last CNN chat show tonight. He is to America what Michael Parkinson was to the United Kingdom. A self styled iconic interviewer but with a penchant for wearing braces.

King is 77-years old but isn’t actually retiring, no one actually ever seems to retire from American television in my experience but the Larry King Live Show ends tonight and Piers Morgan on the back of a growing Brit invasion takes over the 9pm slot in the new year.

King has interviewed everyone from Sinatra, to Reagan, Brando to Lady Ga Ga, JFK to Oprah and his non contentious style is widely acclaimed. Personally King’s simple questioning and unfortunate arse licking would often leave me wanting after an interview but one can’t deny his success. He is a big hit with the ladies too and has been married eight times!

Piers Morgan is a different kettle of fish though, and already the adverts are building up his far more combative style. Morgan is bloody annoying but can be good TV, although I hope he is more Gordon Ramsey than the soupy Cat Deeley or Vernon Kay.