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Emotional pull

I’m feeling an emotional pull tonight. It was a normal Friday evening in our house, I put our daughter to bed, I cooked dinner, we drunk some wine, we made plans for the weekend and my other half and I caught up on our week’s stories.

But I have been distracted tonight, my head is not really here. Most Saturday mornings I wake and invariably wish that I was somewhere in England watching the Addicks. It is fair to say that often 90 minutes later I’m pleased that I wasn’t, but on the eve of tomorrow’s game at home to Plymouth, tonight I have an unfamiliar feeling inside me.

It’s the feeling I always used to have as a teenager before every Charlton game, you know the one after you are too young to understand and too old to have other things to worry about.

Tomorrow is the first game of the season, the FA Cup 3rd Round, the Play-Off final, a relegation 6-pointer, promotion decider and local derby all rolled into one. I know that it’s just one game, and we might have to go back to go forward but I’ll have trouble sleeping tonight, probably like many others, perhaps even like Chris Powell because we all want this to work out.

Come on you Addicks.

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  1. Hungry Ted #

    Shame teleportation has not been invented yet! A nice post summing up how we all feel.

    I’ve not felt so nervous before an Addicks game for years. It is not do or die, of course, but surely the players won’t let CP down.

    Not sure of the time difference, but if you remain silent enough, I suspect you’ll hear the roar when our great new hope emerges from the tunnel…!

    January 22, 2011
  2. Brackley Addick #

    I can certainly relate to that feeling this morning. A strangely optimistic feeling to the day. A few of us are getting to The Valley just that little bit earlier for a pre-match pint and to chat about the dawning of the new era. COYA

    January 22, 2011
  3. Su #

    I hope Saturday evening will be a little less stressful, CA. Enjoy a few more glasses of wine…and dance around the island. We’ll all have a CP grin for the week!

    January 22, 2011

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