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New era arrives with a bang

Quite a day. Phil Parkinson was indeed a good bloke, decent and hard working but after yesterday evening the writing was on the wall and the difference between this week and last, is that the board could afford to pay him, Breacker and Kinsella off.

Let’s deal with the backroom staff first. It is sad to see Kinsella go, but as a coach, I don’t think he has anywhere near the qualities he had as a player. Very different skills of course. As for Breacker, well he was a Parkinson appointee and as in 99% of cases a new broom sweeps every corner of the room as it probably should have done two years ago. I wonder how long Phil Chapple will last when a new managerial team come in?

As for Parky, many Addicks will point to our league position, last season’s play-off finish and a 39% win rate, but despite the club’s ongoing financial situation, he’s still had one of League One’s largest budgets and free-reign and support in the transfer market from his chairman.

But for me and a growing band of other Addicks it was the dour style of play (and I mostly only get to listen to it on the radio), lack of ambition in games, especially at The Valley plus more and more glaringly obvious, Parky’s tactical limitations. Sadly too many times he has stood on the side lines and been out-thought by his fellow managers, some or most of whom, have a fraction of the resources that he has had.

You need four things to be a successful manager. There are probably more, but these four came to mind first: Motivational man-management skills; coaching ability; transfer acumen; and a bloody boat load of luck. Parky may have ticked one of those boxes.

Hopefully last night on the way home following his meeting with Michael Slater, Phil Parkinson fell into the same barrel of shit that his old boss fell into and come out smelling of any remaining roses that Pardew may have left behind. Unfortunately there can’t be many.

The new board may have misled us the other day about their managerial plans, but I for one am delighted that they have acted swiftly, something as Dave points out we have hardly been used to. They obviously came with a plan and remember they have been around the club for a number of weeks. Yesterday’s performance, and to some degree Saturday’s gave Slater and Jimenez the opportunity to make the change. Parky didn’t help himself and to be honest, with perhaps one or two exceptions, the players who played yesterday could do with taking a long look in the mirror.

So what is Slater and Jimenez’s plan? And is there someone else in the equation calling the shots? And how much money is there? I suppose if we appoint Keith Peacock as permanent manager, then that will tell us not a lot but there is an evolving school of thought that there is money, not silly money, but enough to change our ambitions.

Ladbrokes stopped taking bets on Dennis Wise being the next manager within 45 minutes of Parky’s dismissal. He is the obvious favourite but why not appoint him now? Are the club really going to try and pair Wise and Poyet? Jimenez lives next door to Poyet, his son plays for us and he applied for the job after Pardew was sacked. Is it that far-fetched?

And is Wise such a favourite that no one else will apply for the job? Coleman, Hughton, Southgate, Hart, Ferguson, Tilson, Strachan? And the new owners would be doing us a disservice if they did not consider approaches for people like Eddie Howe, Paul Tisdale and Sean O’Driscoll.

Quite a day indeed and lots to think about as Charlton Athletic proved unequivocally that they have well and truly moved into a new era.

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  1. Pat #

    We have lurched from managerial disaster to disaster and I am tired of getting my hopes up each time. I wasn’t happy with the Dowie appointment but you give people a chance don’t you? Poor old Les Reed was just a fall-guy which made us all falsely relieved when Pardew came. As for Parky – well, what choice was there financially by that time? I cannot bear the idea of having that squinty-eyed dodgey character anywhere near my club and I am not going to be pushed down the road of believing that he can motivate players so is therefore a good idea. I know we have new owners but surely sensible people like Reg won’t want him? I felt sick when I woke up this morning.

    January 5, 2011
  2. Our record in picking managers is apalling. I share your anxiety Pat.

    January 5, 2011
  3. Pat #

    And I still feel sick when I read other bloggers I admire saying Wise is a good idea – dear God no – not even with Poyet. And why would Poyet want to work with him anyway – who would be in charge? No, no, no, a million times no. Read the Guardian article yet? I feel even sicker.

    January 5, 2011
  4. I wonder what else the new owners will mislead us about? The article in today’s Guardian (mentioned by Pat) doesn’t put them in a very good light either – Hopefully we’ll not be Jimenez’ number 18.

    I think we all knew something needed to be done to reignite the CAFC spark. Our goal must surely be securing an automatic promotion spot to the Championship. As CA said above, Parky was a nice enough guy and I feel sorry for him (as I would for any person getting the sack) but he lacked that special something that sets managers apart, and if we’re going to achieve our goal we need the right man at the helm.

    Many have questioned the timing as well: just before the FA Cup game with Tottenham and mid-season when we’re sitting in 5th. It’s easy to draw parallels with the timing of the appointments of Reed & Pardew, neither of which did us any favours. But as others have said, whether this turns out to be another awful gaff or an inspired decision will largely depend on who they appoint as the permanent manager. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    In the meantime it appears that Keith Peacock will get whatever cash is available for January’s transfer window. Hope he’s got a good eye for talent!

    January 5, 2011
  5. I think Keefy will get one game – the embarrassing slaughter at the hands of the Spuds. Then they will appoint the new man/men. I hope he is getting a free season ticket or a meal in the corporate for his pain.

    I saw that Guardian article last night and toyed with posting on it, but I was all CAFC-out. I vie from optimist to suicidal at the moment.

    Jimenez and Slater are clearly not Murray and Alwyn. However the majority of football club owners aren’t.

    This CL thread discusses the article at length.

    January 5, 2011

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