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Loony Toons

I don’t often feel any sympathy for Newcastle United’s fans as I have always believed that they got what they deserved but just as I was starting to take them seriously, the news came today that they have fired Chris Hughton, you know the bloke who quietly and very successfully resurrected the club from the edge of the abyss, broke records, restored pride, bought some good players, and cheaply, put them back amongst the Premier League’s upper pecking order and was probably paid a fraction of what Alan Shearer was paid to win one game.

How pathetic and who is favourite for the job? Alan f***ing Pardew. Mike Ashley, you are such a knob.

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  1. Ken #

    Bit harsh on knobs, CA….

    December 6, 2010
  2. Charlton Lane Dave #

    CA – They deserve one another don’t they? Pardew’s record is beginning to look decidedly like that of a poor manager. His sacking at Southampton looked harsh, although they had a much worse than expected start to the season and once again their was as much unsaid about the reason as said. The question Newcastle have to answer is “why was he sacked at Southampton?” Mike Ashley will probably only be looking for a experienced manager with a TV profile who’s affordable. Pardew’s your man then. I’ll give him twelve months before he’s paid off again with Newcastle languishing in the bottom six. As you say, pathetic.

    December 7, 2010

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