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The fall and rise of Alan Pardew

Like 99.9% of all Charlton fans I was as pleased as punch when the club announced late on Christmas Eve in 2006 that Alan Pardew was joining to become our new manager and thus putting us out of the Les Reed misery. Reed’s short spell in charge was a disaster and in my mind Pardew had done good things at Reading and was unfortunate to lose a political game at Upton Park a fortnight previous, and the Hammers loss was our gain.

Pardew was welcomed with open arms and he then proceeded to take us a rollercoaster of emotion. Who can forget the West Ham game or the comeback at Watford and of course the poignant final home game against Tottenham before we finally succumbed to relegation after losing just 7 of Pardew’s 19 games in charge.
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Alan Pardew signs a five and a half year contract under Mike Ashley at Newcastle United

“I represent the fans. I’m an employee of the club, but I’ll be knocking on the door trying to get the maximum funds I can to make the club the best it can be. I’ve never had a problem with that in the past. In the past I have convinced owners to have faith and trust in me to invest.”


“I wanted to be tough on the length of contract and give myself as much stability at a club that hasn’t had much stability with managers.”

I bet you did Al, I bet you did.

Loony Toons

I don’t often feel any sympathy for Newcastle United’s fans as I have always believed that they got what they deserved but just as I was starting to take them seriously, the news came today that they have fired Chris Hughton, you know the bloke who quietly and very successfully resurrected the club from the edge of the abyss, broke records, restored pride, bought some good players, and cheaply, put them back amongst the Premier League’s upper pecking order and was probably paid a fraction of what Alan Shearer was paid to win one game.

How pathetic and who is favourite for the job? Alan f***ing Pardew. Mike Ashley, you are such a knob.