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Barnet where

Did you know there isn’t actually a place called Barnet. There is Chipping Barnet, High Barnet, New Barnet, East Barnet, Barnet Hill and Friern Barnet but no actual Barnet.

I visited Underhill in 1995 and it was truly crappy and I haven’t read anywhere about multi-millions of investment since either on the 100-year old ground. Yet it will give many of the 1,200 Addicks a chance to stand on a terrace behind a goal which is not to be sniffed at.

The Bees have been in the Football League second time around since 2006 but to be honest it hasn’t been anywhere near as much fun as the early 1990’s when Barry Fry and Stan Flashman were falling out on a daily basis.

All we can hope for tomorrow is that we avoid the absolute embarrassment of a year ago. That day Parky played a strong side, which I am sure he remembers. Akpo, Abbott, Fortune, Solly, McCormack all need games and the game should be used to give Reid a run out at some point too.

To all of those Addicks starting in EN5 on the Road to Wembley tomorrow, enjoy the day.

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