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The World cruise liner visits Bermuda

The World Cruise liner arrived in Bermuda on Friday for a weekend’s stay for it’s residents. As part of it’s 100-port tour residents strolled the streets of Hamilton this weekend before stopping in St George’s for a day Monday and then heading onto America’s east coast, the Carribean, South America and then Antarctica for Christmas.

Bermuda is a known cruise-liner destination but usually exclusively for weekenders or the mass American tourist market, but The World is different in that it is actually lived on by residents who have paid anything from $600,000 for a small apartment to $13,500,000 for a 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom 4,100 sq ft penthouse suite. For those of you with your eyebrows raised at how ridiculous that price sounds, then it has never been sold and is still on the market.

The actual boat looks like a huge block of flats turned on its side and floating on water. Residents can live on the boat or fly into various ports throughout the year to join the boat for a little break here and there, oh and they are individually designed and the boat has 6 restaurants, a golf course simulator, putting green, cinema, gym, jogging track, tennis court, supermarket, casino and a spa.

The montly assessment fees for all that little lot? $20,000. A month. We tried to blag our way on today but were politely turned away.  The flip-flops didn’t cut it apparently.

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  1. Wyn Grant #

    I saw this ship in Croatia a couple of summers ago. You couldn’t get very near.

    October 18, 2010

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