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Devon cream puffs

Exeter City 1 Charlton Atheltic 0
Addicks beforehand were suggesting that a draw would be a decent result yesterday, so I wonder if there would’ve been as much derision if we hadn’t lost to an injury time penalty, one which according to the Radio London commentator never was. Television evidence mind you points to another rush of blood to Miguel Llera’s head.

Despite the invaluable service CAFC Player and Radio London provides, listening to radio commentary will never replicate actually being there especially on days like yesterday when Radio London insisted on switching constantly to action at other games, such as the pearler between Hayes & Yeading v Histon!

As a boy I used to listen under the bed clothes to BBC Radio 2’s midweek sports specials and my young imagination would craft flawless images of the game being relayed from my small radio, but I learnt very young that there is nothing like being there.

Nonetheless the Radio London commentator did not need to be Peter Jones or Bryon Butler for me to decipher that it wasn’t much of a display by Phil Parkinson’s newly ensembled side at St James Park. Lacking in creativity and attacking prowess once again we never got to grips with the game and a point would have been more than we deserved.

Parky has, on paper at least, brought in some decent looking players, now to get the tactics and formation right to inspire us all. At the moment we appear a long way off but it is still early days but more like yesterday will damage the early season optimism.

One of the 654 Addicks at St James Park: Doctor Kish
CA fact: Only one striker has scored a league goal this season – Akpo Sodje.

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  1. Terry Smith #

    It is indeed early days but Dowie and Pardew didn’t get too long into a season to turn things around (thankfully), so if Murray wants to be perceived as having any credibility, Parky is on borrowed time as of now.

    September 5, 2010
  2. I expect PP to be given at least the season but he does need a bit more than 5 games to be judged after a difficult pre-season which started with around 10 senior pros and then we copped some early suspensions and injuries.

    September 5, 2010
    • Terry Smith #

      Parky cannot be given a season based on what we have seen thusfar. Murray has already said that promotion is essential this season and it aint gonna happen under Parkinson

      September 6, 2010

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