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My first morning back at work has been spent packing my belongings into a few boxes. If it is not enough to keep moving house we are now moving office. An office move always presents an opportunity to lose a few things of course, I just hope it’s not my Charlton mug, which appallingly a bloke down the corridor has recently taken to use for his coffee.

Why would you use someone else’s coffee mug? There must be 50 mugs in the bloody kitchen. Worse is that I just give him a stare when I see him with it and don’t say anything? What should I say?

Some people I have noticed put a name sticker on their coffee mugs. I could do that but it reminds me of school. I’ll have the other half putting my name in the back of my shirt next.

I ended my short visit back to the UK on Wednesday night with a few pints in Hornchurch. It was fun and boozy as always with the added excitement of the Wednesday night pub quiz. We entered as the Bermuda Quadrangle and came 3rd out of 18 teams. Disagreement over Gerri Halliwell prevented us from coming second but the fiver prize came in useful for the cab fare to the curry house.

We have our bank holiday this weekend (I had yours last weekend too) with Monday being Labor Day. Once a day for unions now just an excuse for a three-day weekend but I’m not knocking it.

Fears of another tropical storm coming within range of Bermuda might keep us indoors but according to the list I found stuck on the fridge door last night I have enough stuff to be getting on with inside.

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  1. “If you’d like one of those lovely Charlton mugs, like mine, let me know and I’ll happily pick you one up next time I fly back to the UK”

    That should do it. If not you will, indeed, have to sow C. Addick into all your office clothes and you’re PE kit.

    September 3, 2010
  2. SLC Addick #

    I made the unfortunate error of entering a quiz during a recent visit to what turned out to be the nearest pub to MIT campus. To say those kids are clever is not really grasping the drubbing they handed out to the three middle aged members of the SLUTs team (Salt Lake Utah, geddit?). I still don’t know which galaxy is exactly two and a half million light years from Alpha Centuri but they did.

    September 3, 2010
  3. Dave #

    He’s either a potential new fan, or an ambitious arse who is trying to psyche you out with a subliminal act of personal aggression. “Oi, what you doing with my mug” might be a good response for the latter. I’ll post you out a new one in case it’s the former.

    September 4, 2010
  4. Pedro45 #

    A guy at my place nicked mine from the kitchen cupboard last Wednesday; when I saw it on his desk, I just said “That’s my mug” picked it up and walked off. He couldn’t really say much as it had a big P on it…Good luck with Earl!

    September 4, 2010
  5. See Pedro, maybe I need to go down to label route.

    As for Earl and Fiona they both passed in a small gust of wind.

    September 4, 2010

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