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I orginally began this Blog on Blogger in June 2004. After 1,892 posts and 350,000 visits I switched over to WordPress in August 2010, and today the WordPress stat counter passed the 1,000,000 page views mark, which I admit made me feel very proud.

I’ve written 1,778 posts since moving here in the summer of 2010, clearly less prolific than I was in those early days, but the individual posts get a lot more traffic and that has been increasingly true in recent years.

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The year in Blog numbers

Hangover central in our house today after a night out in town with friends. The other half is already in bed (7.10pm), the little ‘un was next (note to social services: she does not have a hangover) and I’ll be next.

Good hangover reading was going through my WordPress Blog stats for 2014 and they were pleasantly surprising.

I had 199,000 page views in 2014, which is more than double the previous year, probably because after 9 years of writing News Now finally acknowledged my Blog as a ‘Charlton Athletic one’ and carried links to it on their club page. News Now referred 55,000 readers to my posts.
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