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The Nation’s Capital

I’m in America’s capital today.

The District of Colombia is a walking museum of history, power and influence. 67 square miles of wide criss-crossed boulevards lined with trees bursting into blossom, monuments, memorials and just about every federal government building you can imagine.

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Ed Sheeran

He’s talented boy the 24-year old from Suffolk. Ed Sheeran lit up the stage last night in Washington DC with an energetic high tech one man band show. His 2-hour set delivered the whole range of his songs using a whole mix of styles. 

We were in a box exactly opposite the stage at the Verizon Center, a hockey and basketball stadium by day. Sheeran was surrounded by large screens showing an impressive light and image show and the young audience mixed with the odd parent were enthralled.
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Trains, Pope Francis and Ed Sheeran

I leave for Washington DC this morning for a conference in the nation’s capital and Pope Francis is coming too. No, I haven’t had a career change it’s just that his Papelness is making his first visit to the United States and starts his tour in DC tomorrow. He is also visiting Philadelphia and after DC, like me, he is heading to New York. I am sure we will bump into each other!

That’s all very nice but it does mean that New York and particularly Washington DC is going to be in a security meltdown for the entire week and getting around the capital is going to be nothing short of a nightmare, and to make matters worse, they have even banned selfie sticks. Disaster.
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