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King Charles III

Phew. That was quite the show, and to think they skinnied it down. I bet the queue for the Abbey’s loos goes right around the block.

I thought Charles could have cracked the odd smile and after 70 years of practicing you’d think he would know his words off by heart. The prompt cards were a little unnecessary, but again we do know how to pull off a bit of pomp and ceremony. No one does it better or with more grandeur.

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History written with tears and pride

I have lived overseas for 19 years, but I was never prouder to be British than yesterday. I am a (South) London boy and the world’s best city was resplendent as the country and the world stood still to witness the first state funeral in almost everyone’s lifetime.

It was an emotional yet beautiful spectacle as the world watched every tiny detail so perfected that not even the biggest budget or best film director could recreate. The Queen meticulous to the end as every rehearsed and planned aspect was executed perfectly. Real life theatre showing history being made. It was a wonderful tribute to the most loved sovereign.

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