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Finally. Good riddance

Good riddance to old fruit loop rubbish. 6 years to the day that Roland Duchatelet added Charlton to his football club collection, we are rid of the old scroat after the EFL finally ratified East Street Investments purchase for a sum guessed to be in the £50m range.

After the narcissist ownership of Tony Jimenez and Michael Slater backed by the secretive and shall we say complicated assets of Kevin Cash, we were very glad then to see a new owner with fresh ideas take the club on in January 2014. Especially after Cash cut Jimenez’s credit card up and for the longest time the club survived on a shoestring.

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In Jimenez’s own words

“So, finally, I’d like to thank the fans for their unwavering support of the team and the manager during my time at The Valley, and for all of the kind messages and emails. I am sure that they will provide the new owners with the same levels of warmth and support that we have received during our tenure.” more

You have to give it to him, almost within hours of Roland Duchâtelet officially taking over the club our Tony has knocked out a near 1,000 word blog post for the Huffington Post. Not a dickie bird for 3 years, then with his bags packed Tony is thanking all of the supporters for kind messages and emails.
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Takeover. Part 564 in a very long series

Charles Sale of the Daily Mail was first out of the traps again with a Charlton takeover story this morning suggesting that Standard Liège owner Roland Duchatelet has bought the club for £14m. The OS later issued a short statement in which Michael Slater was quoted as saying that the current owners are in “very constructive discussions that we hope to conclude soon.”

Since The Mail’s latest tip off the proposed takeover has been widely reported in many media outlets both here and in Belgium, although a later online edition of Flanders News said that there was still a number of conditions to be met, which sounds eerily similar to the Josh Harris offer.

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