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Posts tagged ‘Diallang Jaiyesimi’

Clear out

Are we really going to try to offload DJ, Alex Gilbey, JFC and Craig MacGillivray before the window closes? How light do we need this wage bill to be? And how many do we have to sell to add?

The bench is already packed full of youngsters, and players like Aaron Henry need a loan deal to stop their progress being blunted like Albie Morgan’s was.

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Deadline day meltdown

Picture this. It’s lockdown, no one can leave their homes, the Sky Sports transfer window crescendo is reaching its peak of absurdity, the Addicks have sold a loveable game-changer and an unloveable game-changer, and have signed no one…. well no one for a few hours, and the Sky countdown clock is way past 0:00:00.

The whole gambit of instant keyboard reaction is in absolute meltdown. Sack the board, sack Gallen, sack Bowyer, sack everyone.

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