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Dobson made captain

An interesting but correct decision from Dean Holden to make George Dobson captain over Jayden Stockley.

Dobson is a thoroughly better leader, and someone who I think plays in a position that has more influence on the game and his teammates. If I did a straw vote I would say Dobbo is most fan’s favourite player, and that substance over style.

A captain should also be able to carry the weight of the crowd as well as his teammates and frankly not stand there waving hands above heads shouting at colleagues.

Nonetheless it is a tough pill to swallow for Stockley. First he is dropped for an 18-year old, and then loses the armband all within the first week of a new boss showing up.

Despite the understandable fluffiness of Holden’s comments towards him, I would think this severely puts Stockley’s nose out of joint. Does he I wonder now sit on Holden and Andy Scott’s list of players to be shifted in January?

Similarly does this secure Dobson’s signature for that contract extension in the summer. Despite our dreadful form and league standing in the 18 months he has been here, George has been the one shining light.

A local lad, I would hope too that the 25-year feels that the potential of the club if realized is something he wants to be a part of, especially now as club captain.

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  1. Mike #

    Spot on CA, Stockley did absolutely nothing as Captain apart from waving and shouting at other players, when “he thought” someone should have passed to him instead, as he was in a position to score! Well he couldn’t score when balls were passed to him when he was in those positions, which wasn’t very often.
    To be honest, if we could get any sort of money for him in January, let him go, as he has been extremely poor this season and doesn’t bring anything to the team, as even his previous heading ability has gone AWOL. That would free up to bring another decent forward in.

    Dobson fully deserves to be Captain and I was quite surprised that Garner hadn’t made the change when he was here, as he had seen enough games, to see Stockley wasn’t cutting the mustard in more ways than one!

    December 28, 2022
  2. Graham Deadman #

    Well said Mr Chicago.
    Fed up with Jayden flailing his arms and moaning. Wont be surprised if he gets moved out.


    December 28, 2022
  3. Roger A #

    One point to the manager! Let’s hope more in the January signings.

    December 28, 2022
  4. houndal #

    A positive reaction from the club for once.
    For all the reasons listed above.
    I pray Stockley is shipped out, even if just to free up his £27k a month salary (for CA benefit that is =3rd highest after xxxxxx and Chuks)
    And btw we pay Rak Sak £27k a month for his loan, so if he is recalled we immediately free up a massive amount of dosh should Stockley leave as well.
    Come on CA, you must get our top earner now.

    December 28, 2022
  5. Simon Jones #

    Always going to be him. Brave and right decision by the manager.

    December 28, 2022
  6. Chris #

    Happy Christmas Dobbo….a player who has shown his peers leadership and commitment.
    I watched him in one game losing the ball by the East stand and chasing the player all the way over to the West stand and putting in a pin point sliding tackle to win the ball back.
    Fans love his determination and I feel sorry for Stockley but I don’t feel he motivates the team.
    Let’s hope we can deal with Karl tonight !!!

    December 29, 2022
  7. houndal #

    Well done CA, finally!.
    Yes on a not too shabby £33k a month Fraser is our top earner.
    FYI Dobson “only” currently on “£22.5k a month.
    Our total monthly wage bill is £430k

    December 29, 2022

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