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Charlton Athletic 1 Bristol Rovers 2

A comparatively sparkling first 35 minutes today. We got the ball forward quicker, got more crosses in, had pops at goal, and took the lead. Then came half time.

Rovers were not at the races, but they improved latterly in the half. The Charlton TV crew echoed all of our thoughts at half-time, and that was we need to keep a clean sheet.

Chance would be a fine thing. Two shocking errors from Ryan Inniss gave our old nemesis John Marquis the chance to tuck away two goals, rather expertly, in less than 20 minutes after coming on as a sub.

And that was that. Was followed was absolute spineless bilge.

I said at at the end of August that not signing a striker (Garner didn’t want Marquis) was foolish, but not signing a centre half, a left sided one preferably, was criminal.

The defence is a shambles. None of them capable of playing the kind of game imposed on them by the owner’s make believe delusions of grandeur.

This is truly the worst team I have ever watched in 47 years of supporting the club. Not just that, but there is absolutely nothing to cling on to. No pride in the shirt, no belief in an owner, no dreamy attachment to an ex-player as a manager and a group of players that cave at the slightest thing that goes against us.

Where’s the balls, where’s the leadership, where’s the standards, where’s the consequences, where is the identity. We are pathetic.

I feel for Hayes. I am sure he is a very bright coach, but Sandgaard has to make an appointment, even if it is another temporary one. We lack leadership and we are falling fast.

Nevertheless, what does Sandgaard care? And how can we trust him to make any well-judged decisions when every time his lips move it is unbelievable tosh.

Anthony Hayes: “What we tried to do this week, in particular, is we talked about being reliable in our own half, playing off less touches – look to get it forward and run forwards a little bit more. Probably some of the stuff we saw in the first half. But ultimately we can keep coaching them and working with them, it’s up to the players to make the best decisions. In those two moments we don’t pick good decisions and we don’t have good execution in terms of technique. It’s bitterly disappointing.”

Joey Barton: “Credit to John, his pressing, workrate, composure and calm finishing have ultimately been the difference between the Gas not winning here since 1958 and the Gas winning here today – 62 years. It’s another bit of history for our group.”

Stats (CAFC first): Possession – 46% / 54%; Passes – 368 / 451; Accurate passes – 270 / 346; Shots (on target) – 13 (5) / 11 (5)

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  1. Bob Miller #

    It is most unusual for one player to be the prime contributor to all three goals!! It is also pretty sad, as is the entire aura around CAFC.

    December 18, 2022
  2. Steve #

    Think you’re holding back a bit CA.
    This is an un-coachable team devoid of confidence, passion, pride, not to mention the basic ability to win a football match. This is a team that will be relegated.
    That’s the least of our problems. Goes back pre-RD but certainly the moment he was run out of town keeping the real estate in his back pocket put the club right on the slippery.
    It’s futile blaming TS in isolation even if he is an egotistical fool. Who in their right mind would invest in the club, let alone buy the club? Money pit with no assets.
    It’s the time of year when miracles happen and we need one now.
    Just so sad that this is happening to the Charlton we all love.

    December 18, 2022
  3. houndal #

    Where does one start?
    Lets get the obvious out of the way first. John Marquis, who I championed back in the summer, was sure as night follows day going to score. At least some nice profit in buying his goal minutes.
    I notice CA you have not yet commented on the farcical Q&A session with Sandgaard last week. I had to read the minutes twice to appreciate the complete bollox he answered to every question. He truly could give Boris a good run for his money in talking complete tosh.
    I approach January in utter fear that by the end of it we will be right royally f*cked.

    December 18, 2022
  4. Chris #

    Marquis proved his skill in taking Inness to the cleaners….boy why why why did Garner or TS decide he didn’t want him ??
    He has a proven track record of scoring goals and I’m sure he was determined to show us that we made a big error in letting him slip through our fingers.
    We had so many chances to be at least 3 up at half time but couldn’t finish.
    A massive thanks must go to all the club groundstaff who I understand had worked long hours over the past 3 days to get the game on only to see the players not repay their efforts!!!!
    All I want for Christmas is a win, a new experienced manager who knows the game, TS to man up and prove to all us fans he wants promotion.

    December 18, 2022
  5. greg brown #

    Probably no more than we all expected sadly. Usual half hour when chances were not taken, followed by shocking defensive mistakes which ultimately lost us the game, then followed by a hatful of drivel by the managerial staff about how we are not doing the right things. Jesus, why not be truthful and say that the entire squad, bar two or three, are just not good enough for this division, and without a substantial amount of new faces, will be playing in League 2 next season. Not the comments that “break even” Thomas wants to hear I’m sure, but sometimes the truth hurts.

    December 18, 2022
  6. alofthevalley #

    Heading towards rock bottom and on to the basement division next season. It’s not looking likely, it’s happening. At half time yesterday we had been encouraged by the first half’s showing, more direct, shots on goal and a more sensible set up. Just very very cold.
    Second half BR upped the ante and we started flapping….. with Inniss again producing a couple of his now trademark howlers. It’s such a shame because given his size and strength you’d think he’d be someone you’d want protecting your penalty area. Sadly he’s proving to be someone you’d rather not see in the starting line up. Good to see Miles back but with his and Chuks introduction it all went a bit frantic and haphazard and it didn’t look to me like we’d ever equalise. Where do we go now? I hadn’t read the after match quote from Hayes until above – shame they hadn’t ditched the SYSTEM THAT DOESNT WORK sooner. I can’t believe I’m going Wednesday……

    December 18, 2022
  7. hiphop #

    Death is just but a fading hope.

    December 18, 2022
  8. JOHN F GOSS #

    Yes totally agree with you’re comments, terrible defensive errors, yet we should have been out of sight, our forwards were again shocking this has to be reviewed soon. We have a cameo forward, that lasts 20 minutes a forward as captain that only scores when it’s laid on a plate, waving his arms in the air, moaning all the time. No consistency at all. I mentioned before in my script The gas were on a pretty good run and proved it today. TS is not in a position to sell the club as the owner lives in Belgium. I wonder how much of thee £70 million had been repaid.

    December 18, 2022
  9. Mike #

    Steve Brown just said it plainly if you keep picking a player who consistently makes mistakes it’s on you! Inniss makes at least two grand cockups in every game and at least one normally costs us a goal. Yet Garner played him in every game he was available and looks like Hayes in continuing to do so. If your main central defender continues to be that poor, what hope have we got!

    Up front we are powder puff, with even Aneke now looking knackered after about 10 minutes and the less said about that headless chicken Stockley the better.

    The only forward who has looked the part, before getting injured was Miles and he will be transfered off to a bigger club in January for a poultry amount of what he could be worth later, so Mr S can quickley get some of his money back!
    Things are now looking very bleak all round

    December 18, 2022
  10. danny benstead #

    Breaking news caretaker manager hayes has been sacked by Tomas nephew and russel slade has been appointed new club manager by the sangaard family parrot chuks has gone on a freebie to some non league club no one has heard off in Albania but we have a buy back clause for half a million
    Leaburn is to be sold to rangers for a undisclosed fee but it’s enough for daddy to buy martin the new fifa game
    What a club we support

    December 18, 2022
  11. houndal #

    Interesting piece from Rick Everitt:

    Interesting Charlton have been linked with FC Nordsjaelland as that is a name I’ve heard over many months as possible investors. Does pull together a lot of the strands of the story.’

    They are a Danish team from North Zealand playing in their country’s Super League:

    The club is owned by leading African football academy Right to Dream which has itself seen Egyptian conglomerate Mansour Group acquire a majority shareholding. Mansour. reportedly worth £2bn, has recently been appointed senior treasurer of the Conservative Party in return for his generous donations and is looking for an English football club to buy:

    From Danish to Egyptian – stuff of dreams.

    December 19, 2022
  12. houndal #

    Oh, and bye bye Rak Sak – you deserve so much better

    December 19, 2022

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