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Charlton Athletic 1 Forest Green Rovers 1

That was miserable.

For the fifth game in a row we took the lead, yet in each of the last four we have failed to win. It is disturbing to see how much we have fallen off since that Plymouth win a month ago. The way we played that night has proven a blip and not a trend.

CBT gave us a lead with our best play of the match before the clock had passed 10 minutes and after that we dominated proceedings but lacked mostly common sense and basic ability when we got into promising positions. CBT, Rak-Sakyi, Leaburn and McGrandles were all culpable, particularly the latter who was really poor.

Payne was the one shining light who never stopped probing and searching for that break through but despite the shots on goal tally I don’t remember us ever getting close, probably Rak-Sakyi’s turn and volley in the 2nd half.

Forest Green Rovers frustrated us with a combination of time wasting and dramatics, but I thought they looked more likely to score in the 2nd half, and I’d agree with other digests that they were the worst team we’ve played this season. Just think about that for a moment..

Wollacott has been one of our top three players, but I said at Accrington he definitely has a clanger in him. That was a bullseye tonight, and statistically stopped us winning the 3 points.

As for Ryan Inniss. You can argue all you want whether it was a second yellow or not, but it was reckless and brainless. First game back and now suspended. Yes, brainless is a good description.

Frankly the system is not working due to Garner not having the equipment he needs. Only one person to blame for that.

Garner did change it up a bit late on when I think he went 3-5-2, and there was a bit more action, but this is not anything like the fast passing, high press game we were promised.

Garner made some big decisions tonight making six changes, dropping his captain and it backfired. I saw the first looks of pressure tonight from the manager.

Ben Garner: “We ultimately gave them a goal. There were several mistakes in the build-up to it and we gave them something to hold on to.

Stats (CAFC first): Possession – 65% / 35%; Passes – 542 / 297; Accurate passes – 477 / 208; Shots (on target) – 17 (6) / 9 (2)

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  1. Wayne Burtt #

    Well, now we know, if we didn’t already! 65% possession and two shots on goal means a powder puff attack and the one striker we do have left out because we can’t work out how to give him goal scoring opportunities… All that possession to no effect reminds me of Italian sides from the 60s and 70s! Enough I say! Give Stockley the service and support he needs to score.
    We’re looking at a lower-mid-table finish, I’d say.

    September 13, 2022
    • Wayne Burtt #

      I forgot: what about JFC for goodness’ sake!!!

      September 14, 2022
  2. greg brown #

    That is where we are, if we can’t secure 3 points at home against a side that will definitely finish in the lower reaches of the league, it would appear that we will finish in that area too.
    How we will compete against the likes of Portsmouth, Ipswich, Sheffield, Peterborough etc, god only knows!
    Carbon copy of last season at the moment.

    September 14, 2022
  3. Daggs #

    New owner required before January. TS has neither the know how or the money.

    September 14, 2022
  4. NA4Y #

    Your first 3 words sum it up. Very miserable and extremely frustrating. Streamed the game and my young teenage year old son said afterwards don’t get us anymore tickets Dad until they start playing better (we cross London for games). 14th is probably where we deserve to finish the season. Possibly if CBT hadn’t scored early then we would have done better but after that point it was like watching a playground match with everyone shooting from range thinking it was going to be a walkover, did anyone pass to Leaburn in the box? Think I saw one. With this immature display it was quite obvious Forest Green would score one back. Also what is Stockley doping on the training ground, any shot or header on target is dead centre of goal and straight to the keeper. Innes is making a habit of red cards on a comeback, at least he lasted longer than 7 minutes this times. This rant has made me feel a bit better thank you!

    September 14, 2022
  5. houndal #

    Why are we not surprised?
    Season over before the clocks go back.
    Not even Chuks can save us from 6 months of this miserable torture.

    September 14, 2022
  6. Chris #

    Ohhhhh dear !!!
    I was foolish thinking that this game would secure a win against FGR, especially scoring the opening goal. FGR are poor team but their confidence grew as they realised we seemed to switch off and offer no quality play.
    We did a lot of midfield passing but no final outcomes.
    Poor game but highlight of the evening was the tribute to the Queen that was totally respected by all at The Valley.

    September 14, 2022
    • Chris #

      Rumour has it Innes is looking to take on Tyson Furey….no excuse Ryan that was embarrassing to get sent off.

      September 14, 2022
  7. John Goss #

    Garner, completely underestimated FGR in fact changing the team so much I witnessed on the night they’ve never played out together, there was occasions where passes should of been made to open up defenses. Garner’s attitude is to knock the ball about in holding positions, rather than what he was employed managing for, attacking football. I fear the bigger clubs will trounce us, October is coming we need a kick up the backside and pull our socks up.

    September 14, 2022
  8. Roger A #

    I thought the team was practising for the half time competition.
    Have they not learned if you hit the ball low and hard at goal you might score or get a deflection.
    I now have to see my friend in Stroud and eat humble pie. I think FG were the better team.

    September 14, 2022
  9. Mike #

    Abysmal, dire, terrible, dreadful, etc etc etc. Total waste of my time going to watch this dross served up, little wonder many season ticket holders didn’t even bother to turn up as they must have known it would be another poor show.
    No difference to last season, with the exception that we now have a smaller squad and over half of the players are not really good enough for this division.
    That’s what you get for signing all the new players, apart from loanees, from lower divisions, plus not signing two really important positions a decent centre forward and a left footed centre back! Also, as per Jackson, Garner has the same stubborn attitude as he won’t change his game plan and playing style, when everyone can see it clearly isn’t working in a match!

    At this rate unless a drastic change in performances and attitude, I can see, with us only three points away from the drop zone, we will soon be in it as per last season and another managerial change on the horizon!

    September 14, 2022
    • greg brown #

      You just cannot get away from the fact that to get out of this league you need quality and experience……most of the squad, and the management have neither. Not appointing a proven manager and mobile goalscoring forward will be the downfall of the club this season.

      September 14, 2022
  10. houndal #

    Leo Rifkind – yes never heard of him either. He is apparently non exec director of CAFC and has today issued a tweet of such incredulity I cannot repeat it here, for fear of upsetting my blood pressure. Suffice to say he has clearly lost the plot.
    Update on Chuks – he has taken delivery of his new sofa from Furnitureland and new club ipad and he continues his quest on football manager.

    September 14, 2022
    • Mike #

      Apparently Chucks is having trouble finding any decent forwards for his Football Fantasy team, as the only ones left, rarely find the back of net &/or rarely play as always out injured! 🙂

      September 14, 2022
    • Chris #

      Wow wow wow…
      I’ve just read the tweet….Leo has no concept or understanding of football and fans.
      I expect the crass comment was made out of ignorance.
      As Roy Keane put it “one of the sandwich brigade “….

      September 14, 2022
  11. Rick #

    The official CAFC site quotes an attendance of over 10,500. Sounds a lot for a wet Tuesday night or are they counting absentee season ticket holders.

    September 14, 2022
  12. daggs #

    Rick, they count all season tickets sold, regardless of whether they turn up. And you can add into the ‘attendance’ all the freebies handed out.
    Those there last night reckon around 6000 bums on seats.

    September 14, 2022
    • greg brown #

      Might get up to 6000 again next home game daggs, cos Oxford will bring a few !!!!!!…..Not figures that Thomas wants to hear, I’m sure, but if you don’t invest that’s what you get.,

      September 14, 2022
      • Chris #

        I bet Karl is rubbing his hands in glee and hoping we arn’t at the races again.
        I’m sure he will want to prove a point or maybe 3 !

        September 14, 2022
  13. Bob Miller #

    From watching Stockley over a great number of matches, it seems to me he is but a one trick pony, who, if strategically placed in the box, has the ability to hammer a header home. Other than that, he is a total waste of space anywhere else on the pitch and should not be counted on in any way whatsoever to aid and abet an otherwise impotent Charlton offence. He spends most of his time tossing his arms in the air out of frustration with this, that and the other thing that is going on around him. In short, he is totally overrated and Charlton desperately needs a skillful goal scoring forward, as has been trumpeted from the roof tops for weeks and weeks.

    September 14, 2022
  14. Bob Wells-Gaston #

    From one Bob to another I totally agree with you about Stockley. Other commentators reckon he’s not had the service. Rubbish…he missed reo decent chances yesterday when he headed over with only the keeper to beat and he does it every time. He’s slow, can’t jump and has lousy positioning. Hes way out of his depth in League 1

    September 14, 2022
  15. John Goss #

    Again this Monday is a Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom in respect for our late Queen Elisabeth. Her State Funeral will be held St George’s Chapel Windsor. You commented it’s blanket TV cover in USA also the four corners of the Planet. Will be watching. The Pageantry will be nothing seen before. Our history is on show and it’s Great Britain 🇬🇧 at it’s best saying farewell to its Monarch. A tear for me yes definitely.
    God bless our Queen Elisabeth.

    September 15, 2022
    • A national holiday in Bermuda too John. It will be an historic day 🇬🇧

      September 15, 2022
    • Mark #

      I wasted £10 watching tuesday’s dross against a well drilled up for it FGR – fair play to them & they were probably worth more than the point they went home with. At least I didn’t have far to travel to bed in my anger….
      We’ve got Dracula in goal – he can’t cope with crosses & seems to have an in-built cock up just waiting to come out & we had more passengers on the pitch than a 53 bus, far too many went awol far too often. The chickens are well & truly in the roost before the end of sept.
      Sorry, but Yanks just don’t get British football – yes, Sandgaard saved us from administration & relegation but his record since has been poor.
      Yes, a business needs to be run properly and efficiently – but you also need to have a team that does the business on the pitch & takes the fans with them. Now we have an idiot lawyer director blaming the fans for not paying through the nose for a p*** poor product. I give up, well done Sandgaard & co, you’ve finally drained my interest in visiting SE7. Sadly I’m probably not alone ..

      September 15, 2022
      • Mark – agree except there are many American owners in English football, and some quite good ones too such as the chap at Millwall. There is a large cultural difference in business and much more so in sports ownership. The franchise v community model being probably the biggest.

        It is never simple but you are spot on when you say that you have to surround yourself with the best people, and not family, TS has never wanted to do that nor take any advice or listen to people. Pure arrogance and negligence.

        September 17, 2022
  16. John Goss #

    Yes very frustrating however TS has to pay the outstanding dept some £70m plus the training ground Sparrows Lane. Possibly the reason why he didn’t put money up for purchasing a new player.The new manager supposed to be a attacking minded manager as yet to see consistency in the present team set up. In fact what I’ve seen I don’t think they know each other’s name so many changes, I’m already convinced we’re ending up outside the play offs.

    September 17, 2022

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