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Any stories behind the numbers?

Squad numbers mean less than they ever did, but they are always worth a study to see if there is a story behind the numbers.

The headline is that Joe Wollacott has taken the no. 1 shirt from Craig MacGillivray, who unlucky for him is given no. 13. No surprise that Garner is going to start with the ex-Swindon ‘keeper, but a kick in the teeth for last year’s custodian.

I do like that the club say that players ‘take’ their numbers, obviously that cannot have been the case with MacGillivray, but the article does say that new signings Sessegnon, O’Connell and Egbo took the shirts 2, 6 and 18 respectively. The traditional no. 3 left back shirt is empty, but the Fulham loanee who is playing left-back takes 2. It used to be so much less complicated!

The other new signings ‘opted’ for numbers outside of the first eleven. Other notable changes are that Sam Lavelle moves from 15 to 5, and Charlie Kirk from 20 to 14. Inniss stays at 24, and I thought footballers were superstitious.

Youngsters Elerewe, Harness, Leaburn, Kanu, Clayden, Henry and Ness have all been given shirt numbers, although it is to be seen if any of those go out on loans. No shirt for Richard Chin, who has featured in pre-season albeit out of position.

For those looking for transfer clues well the no. 3 is empty as is 15, 16 and 17. Excluding under 21-year olds and goalkeepers means that three squad places are left available for new players if no one is sold or loaned out.

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  1. Mike #

    As you say CA Wollacott given number one shirt, which is the only real number that now matters in football along with the No 9 shirt!

    Three places left, but looks as though one will be filled, according to Sangaard, yet another winger, surprised not another midfielder, a loanee19 year old from Palace? Firstly why the hell is Garner not trying to get in another striker and a left sided defender and secondly why the hell do we continue to keep getting these crap players from our old rivals Palace, who are always absolutely useless when they play for us!

    July 28, 2022
  2. houndal #

    Smacks of those 2 brilliant loans last season from Chelsea/Spurs. Pay their wages and they don’t even get on the pitch. Never seem to learn the lesson. If this guy gets signed up, penny to a pound he never sees sight of the 1st team squad.
    Utterly pointless and a flagrant misuse of funds.

    July 28, 2022
  3. Norfolk Red #

    No place for Barker?

    July 28, 2022
    • NR – he’s hardly featured pre-season. Not sure what has happened to him.

      July 28, 2022
  4. rierti #

    Wollacott getting the no,1 shirt is a total disgrace MacGillivray did nothing wrong last season and does not deserve this shoddy treatment. The mania for playing out from the back has led to us signing Wollacott who will be lightweight in set play situations and O’Connell who is very good in possession and passes the ball well, but he lacks pace and his defending in the air looked suspect against Swansea.
    I echo Norfolk Red’s comment about Barker who looked a good prospect pre-season last year’
    I have not renewed my season ticket so far as I was waiting to see who was recruited I am not inclined to do so yet. It looks as if several players will be moved on or side-lined by the new regime without having the chance to show what they can do.
    I think Leaburn is a great prospect but he should be used sparingly at the start of the season, but the injury to Aneke will probably mean he will start on Saturday He should play the same role as Aneke not played out wide like against Swansea.

    July 28, 2022
  5. houndal #

    Accrington at home is the last team I would start Leaburn against. He will get a Roy Keane style tackle at first opportunity, and if not seriously injured will spend the rest of the game running for his life.
    Would be an act of insanity if Garner starts him.

    July 28, 2022

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