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A loan deal for Steven Sessegnon on the cards

It sounds as if the first loan slot will be taken by Fulham’s versatile 22-year old Steven Sessegnon. His twin brother is at Tottenham.

Steven is comfortably two-footed and can play either at left or right back, and I presume with the squad number limit an issue, his adaptability will be important.

According to those that watch him regularly he is adept at bringing the ball out of defence and step into midfield. In his time he has also played as a holding midfielder.

Sessegnon, at least this one, may have suffered from Fulham’s elasticity between the top two tiers as he has only made 14 appearances for the Cottagers, and all in the Championship. He spent season 2020/21 with Bristol City, although that was interrupted by a hamstring injury, and the last part of last season with Plymouth Argyle.

He is expected to sign a new deal with Fulham prior to confirming a season loan to The Valley.

EDIT: Signed July 5th.

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  1. Graham Smith #

    We all know what happened to Nile John……..??

    July 4, 2022
  2. Mike #

    Well at least he is two footed so should hopefully be able to a kick a ball with his left foot, as currently he is the only defender and midfielder who can, I class CBT as a winger, and the new goalie certainly can’t, watching the recent friendlie highlights!

    In fact I was only advised this evening that my friends brother who watched both games, said that Wollacott didn’t play in either of Swindon’s semi final play off matches and it appeared he was dropped! Plus the only players he thought looked of any class were the left back, which we desperately need and one of the forwards, both who would have obviously not been freebies and would have commanded a fee.

    July 4, 2022
    • rierti #

      I think Wollacott was injured but from what I saw the replacement goalkeeper who was brought in on loan was more than competent. Egbo was not impressive and as for Garner wanting defenders who can play out from the back Egbo did not appear to be adept at that skill. The left back Iandolo was indeed the standout but as you say would cost money. Iandolo was signed from Maidstone so may be keen to return to Kent.
      I am getting increasingly concerned about the future of our club under the stewardship of TS and BG.

      July 5, 2022
  3. houndal #

    And that guy from Chelsea never got a look in either.
    2 of the most bizarre loans I can ever recall – and a complete waste of whatever % of the wages we had to cover. Hope at least this guy gets a chance.

    July 4, 2022
  4. Chris #

    I hope we get him….he’s a class act and so much potential.

    July 5, 2022
    • Chris #

      Just found out about the brutal way Jason Euell was fired by TS….JE was called into see TS and just told your fired !!!
      No recognition of his dedicated work while we were in turmoil.

      July 5, 2022
  5. rierti #

    I watched the game against Kilmarnock, a game of two halves if ever there was one. In the first half the team had pace and energy, O’Connell looked comfortable on the ball and seems to be a positive signing, Foster-Caskey, Aneke and Blackett-Taylor looked in good touch and young Clayden was impressive although out of position, he is a winger and I hope he will not be used as a wing back, Jayesimmi failed to impress
    The team in the second half was very poor in comparison, lacking pace and energy The midfield was particularly bad. Wollacott looked nervous. and Egbo failed to impress.
    Why were Wollacott and Egbo signed before Garner had a chance to assess the players in the U23 squad? Is Wollacott better than Maynard Brewer and Harness? Egbo looks very moderate.
    The U23s won on Saturday at Deal Town but I only know they won 6-2, no information on the CAFC website about who played and who scored the goals, If anyone knows about the game I would be grateful to have the information.

    July 5, 2022
    • rierti – the U23’s won 6-2.

      1st half team: Jones (trialist), Chin, Dench, Barker, Toure, Bakrin, Adigon, Kamara, Viggars, Santos, Kanu.
      Subs on at half-time: O’Connor, Harvey, Ness, Mitchell, Anderson, Williams, Gavin, Ladapo and Reilly.

      Goals: Santos, Kanu, Williams, Reilly, Gavin, O’Connor.

      HT 2-1.
      Attendance: 467

      July 5, 2022
      • rierti #

        Thank you for the info let’s hope club is more forthcoming re the Hampton and Richmond game which I think is tonight.

        July 5, 2022
  6. Martin Vallis #

    I doubt very much that that is true about Euell, probably put out by one of the TS haters.

    July 5, 2022
    • I hope so Martin, but I tend to agree with you. I have my moments as you know, but too much unfounded BS out there regarding TS at the moment.

      July 5, 2022
      • Chris #

        Hi CA and Martin,
        Jason explained what happened to him in an interview he gave which I believe in on this site and from Bristols website.
        Unfortunately it is true.

        July 5, 2022
        • Chris #

          Hi CA and Martin,
          Jason explained what happened to him in an interview he gave which I believe in on this site and from Bristols website.
          Unfortunately it is true.
          He was Summoned to the Valley to meet with TS and he states he knew what was about to happen.

          July 5, 2022
  7. Shadow Play #

    We need a left-back and his flexibility means he could cover at right-back and maybe at DM when/if George Dobson gets injured or suspended and given the way he hoovered up yellow cards last season the latter looks odds-on.

    We are getting a lot more work done this season before the season starts – certainly compared to last year and that’s a positive and the signings seem to fit a pattern. We probably need to trade a couple of midfielders on – either on loan or sell them/let them go on frees and we could do with a goal scorer.

    We have some good players coming through from the Academy set up but we are light on experienced first team players. I’m pleased that the defence is being looked at – that area really let us down last season.

    As for Jason Euell, his departure was inevitable. The coaching last year was woeful and inflexible and having promoted one deputy manager to a failing manager only to see him fail I couldn’t see TS making the same mistake again.

    July 5, 2022
  8. Mike #

    This has just come up from a recent interview, his own words, as I thought he was left footed.

    “I’m a full-back at heart, right-footed,” he said. “I’ve been brought in [at Charlton] to play left-back but if I’m ever needed at right-back then it’s an easy switchover. So it’s not a problem, wherever I play”

    So we actually don’t have one defender on the books who is left footed, which is quite worrying!
    Especially as we have seen previously when both Bowyer and Jackson have tried right footed backs on the the left, both in central defence and full back and they have really struggled!

    July 8, 2022

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