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First candidate mentioned – Matt Taylor

It has been very quiet on the jungle drums ignoring bookies odds and those reckoning they are in the know on forums.

But yesterday Rich Cawley posted that Exeter City’s Matt Taylor is in the running and is “thought to be under consideration.”

Taylor played for the Addicks 53 times after Chris Powell signed the centre-half from Exeter in 2011. Taylor has just won promotion for the Grecians in his 4th season as manager, who re-enter L1 for the first time since Taylor played for them.

The 40-year old Lancastrian had an interesting career before making it as a player at Exeter which would tell us he is grounded and patient. He certainly built a sustainable model at Exeter playing an attacking game despite regularly having to sell his best young players.

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  1. Why would he come to CAFC after just winning a promotion, unless it is a step up. Hardly the same division and see we are probably linked to lower league players and no doubt injury-prone players and players not up to scratch and also he will have no say AGAIN!!

    May 13, 2022
  2. houndal #

    He would be a good choice IMO.
    A young and ambitious manager who would show we are at least trying to move forward and hopefully not signing a has been looking for a last pay check. He has Exeter playing the expansive game TS is after, and with us would have the funds to improve the squad which he will not have at Exeter, due to their proposed ground expansion costs

    May 13, 2022
    • Terry #

      I suspect this name is bogus. Is he really “an applicant” or as it a case of reviewing likely candidates for the job and then trying to entice them to come. What Matt Taylor for the Grecian’s is great but unproven as a League One manager. Again, as I’ve said before why would any manager with a reputation be interested in the job when he has no say in the players recruited before they arrive. The tactics of the recruitment team are reminiscent of the Duchalet years.

      May 13, 2022
  3. Mike #

    Agree with Terry on recruitment, surely Gallen has to be mainly responsible for all the misfits and injury prone players we have got in, as he himself has previously stated, i always check out the players myself beforehand.
    Yet he appears to be Teflon man at Charlton, as poor players brought in, all seem to be blamed to whoever the manager is/was, when they don’t perform and Gallen is never mentioned. Yet if you look at Gallens record over the last three seasons, his record has been pretty absymal in bringing in new players, including loanees, that supposingly are going to improve the team, as in all reality, most have actually been worse &/or injury prone, than the players already there! Obviously apart from some exceptions, which have probably been more luck than judgement.
    Gallen appears to be a great talker and seems to deflect any criticism coming his way by advising, on how good a Negotiator he is in getting players in. Well he can’t have had to work that hard on most of his signings, as many have been really poor and suspect no one else wanted them anyway. Also I have a feeling Gallen’s idea of checking out a player to him, means having a cup of coffee in Costa with them and seeing if they get on, then sit at home watching an old video of them in some game or another before making a decision. As I very much doubt if he has traveled the breadth and length of the Country, to actually see any potential signings playing currently, for himself!
    So I believe a change should be made there, as Managers, Coaches, Physios, Players, CEO, etc have all been replaced over the last three years, but surprisingly nothing in the recruitment department!!!

    May 13, 2022
    • rierti #

      You are absolutely right Gallen should go, as recruitment in recent times both permanent and loans have been poor. I am of the opinion that the recruits from Brighton in the relegation season i.e. Hemed and Kayal cost us dear, the 3 Smi(y)ths and Levitt were poor and despite Tottenham’s ire John was not physically ready for the mens’ game. A new manager needs a free reign to act on transfers, in the present set he would be a chief coach not a manager. I also think Euell should go so that a new man can pick his own second in command. I am impressed by Taylor and think he would be a good choice if he can circumvent the obvious concerns we both have.

      May 13, 2022

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