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Jim Melrose

There was a convivial quality about yesterday’s Charlton TV broadcast with Scott Minto, and the suntanned Curbs joined in the studio by Jim Melrose.

James Millsopp Melrose as he reminded us yesterday of his full name only played 48 games for the Addicks but he lives happily in my memory at a time when Charlton heavily influenced and shaped my early adult life.

Melrose signed from Manchester City (those were the days) for I think around £50,000 and replaced an ageing Mike Flanagan in our push to an unprecedented promotion to the top tier.

My brother and I were stood in the Cold Blow Lane when Jim Melrose made his Charlton debut. We went the traditional 1-0 down early, but Melrose equalized towards the end of the first half in right front of us.

We controlled our excitement but then in a moment never to forget Jimmy leapt onto the CBL fence and shook his fist in front of thousands of contorting faces spitting out expletives at the smiling Scot.

To make matters worse George Shipley then put us in front two minutes later. It was an uncomfortable half-time for me and my bro and we were almost pleased that Millwall equalized in the 2nd half in a tempestuous game with 10 bookings.

My brother and I were also at Upton Park in October 1986 when the Scotsman scored our fastest ever goal. We played really well that day, and the away end was dangerously rammed but superb fun.

Melrose scored some crucial goals for us including a hat-trick against champions elect Everton (who won the title by miles) plus both goals at home to Ipswich in the play-off semi and oft-forgotten home game against Leeds. As Melrose agreed yesterday Peter Shirtliff always gets all the kudos “but goals are wasted on defenders.”

The one memory that lurks of Melrose is from a game where I can’t remember the opposition, but he made a meal of a tackle right in front of us at Selhurst and won the free-kick then looked up at the Charlton fans smilingly knowingly and winked.

He was a great character and showed his wit and knowledge of the game yesterday and bonded enjoyably with Minto and Curbs. 63-years old now, he was only a stone or two lighter than yesterday’s referee mind!

I hope the great team at Charlton TV get Jimmy back on soon.

Jimmy Melrose = Charlton legend.

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  1. It was so wonderful to see him and hear him and his sense of humour intact.
    Yes, remember him with much affection and of course those games he was involved in and saw them all.

    January 23, 2022
  2. Michael Lay #

    I remember the game at Selhust with him smiling directly at us. Can’t remember the opposition but think it was a crucial game. Its was not a foul, hence the smile!!

    January 24, 2022
  3. LP #

    OMG CA – I was at that game at CBL and must have been just behind you and your brother in the home end – with friends who are scum fans. I absolutely couldn’t keep quiet when the 2nd goal went in and all I can say is that it was a good job I was female. I only let out a little squeak you understand but my arm punched the air – big mistake. I have never been so grateful for them to score against us.

    January 25, 2022
    • We were the ones with bleeding lips because we’d been biting them all game. We were just happy to get out alive to tell the tale, which we are still telling 😂

      January 25, 2022

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