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Getting my mojo back

When Conor Washington’s shot hit the back of the net on Tuesday night, I was up punching the air, office chair flying across the room, didn’t care who saw. I was back.

I watched all of Nigel Adkins‘ games in charge. I really didn’t want to, but it was like rubbernecking at a car crash, I was drawn to it like a really bad horror movie. I was emotionally unattached watching Adkins’ team play. There was nothing to hold onto, no style, no identity, no nothing.

Jacko has allowed us to daydream, to expect, to punch the air in unabridged delight. It’s been only three games but long may it continue.

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  1. Ken Jennings #

    God, it feels good. After all the bollocks we have had to endure – and for so long.

    November 4, 2021
  2. Daggs #

    Seven points out of the last nine. Something resembling effort from the team. Playing to a clearly formed shape with everyone knowing their role. It’s quite a turnaround.
    However, there’s a long way to go and it’s advisable not to get too carried away, as difficult as that is.
    By the time we reach January, we’ll have a much better idea where we are. If JJ’s influence gets us into mid-table, he’ll have earned the job.

    November 5, 2021
  3. enviableone #

    now we’ve got our Charlton back… I’ll admit I may have been wrong in saying JJ wasn’t ready to take over when LB left.
    the results are now looking like they should with the quality of players we have, providing injuries stay under control, and we keep seeing the effort, we’ll be back up the table in no time.
    It’s also interesting that the Sunderland match was pivotal for both teams, they are spiralling in the other direction…

    November 5, 2021
  4. Les #

    Jacko & Jason
    It’s a partnership
    In my opinion together given time they will be the new Curbs & Gritt.
    I can again understand what’s happening on the pitch
    Myself, my son ,and my grandson are now happy again we have season tickets.
    Onwards and upwards.

    November 5, 2021
    • It is so important for kids to have something to follow and believe in. Not easy when you pick Charlton as your team and your mates support Chelsea. That hasn’t changed in 40 years!

      November 5, 2021
  5. Mike #

    I go with my friend and his son, who is 40 next year, still can’t believe that, as he was coming with us as a young boy! My friends brother stopped going this season and our two other friends stopped going, one the previous season and the other the season before that, so just maybe there is now hope that by next season, we could be back to at least four of us or maybe even six!

    So Come on Jacko & Jason, onwards and upwards so Sangard has to give you the job, so you can make Charlton proud again and bring back all these long suffering lost supporters, who we have lost in the past and make the Valley full again each week. Though don’t take our parking space! 🙂

    November 5, 2021
    • I know so many fans who have stopped going but still take an interest. It never leaves you, but with Duchatelet, the crooks and then Covid we’ve probably lost not 1,000’s of previous regulars / ST holders, but a new generation.

      Jacko is the sort of man that can inspire them back. Certainly Bowyer did for some games (I thought the away support picked up) and of course the play-off’s.

      November 5, 2021

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