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Sam Lavelle out long term

Sam Lavelle was a player that I was hoping was only going to go from strength to strength. He had a couple of games when he was little rabbit in the headlights, but he was no way alone. However especially in a back three, I was looking forward to seeing how he developed.

Sadly he got a groin injury making a tackle at Sunderland, has had some surgery and will now be on the sidelines for a while, although he still managed a smile in this video.

So we are onto Jason Pearce, who was awesome last Saturday when he came on, but we cannot rely on him, so I’m wondering if we will see more of young Deji Elerewe.

Elerewe has more than excelled when given the opportunity, and although tomorrow will be too much of the deep end, I am hoping he is given the chance just as Gomez and Konsa were and Rufus and Elliott before them.

One other thing, what’s with the club trying to flog shirts signed by a team in the lowest ever league position in it’s history. £150. Leave off, I wouldn’t even hang it in the shed. And £25 for a personalized video message!!

“Hi, my Grandad has Covid and he has watched Charlton for 85 years, can we get a personalized message to cheer him up on his death bed please?”

“Sure, that will be £25.”

Quite tacky and savoury from the club that.

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  1. Bobby green #

    4-0 today give J J the job 100% Charlton

    October 30, 2021

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